bra-hanging in Bells Corners

Bells Corners moments #39: drone shots of Westcliffe, free bike-taxi, bra-hanging at Centrepointe, election fever on the Bells Corners strip, jolly old folk at Stillwater Creek, Bruce Pit biking, etc.

The car is king: Queensway to be widened once again.

Shocking new allegations against Rick Chiarelli and his abusive relationships with young women and Lisa MacLeod.

Chiarelli’s many victims call out the serial sexual predator at Rick’s Centrepointe office.

Professor Barry Wellar weighs in: “A sham and a scam: SHAME on Lisa MacLeod, Doug Ford and Rick Chiarelli.”

All the mainstream media covered the protest: CBC, Citizen, CTV, Le Droit, CityNews, Radio Canada.

Rick is running to maximize his City of Ottawa pension: even if he loses he’ll cash in.

Sold for $703K! $200K needed to make it habitable?

Crazy home prices in Bells Corners: both good and bad news.

IKEA to sell off a huge chunk of Pinecrest Shopping Centre.

Bike infrastructure around Bells Corners.

Will Ardeth run for mayor again? Scorecard.

Lisa MacLeod and hubby Joe Varner screw up again.

Sign wars! Sean Devine fights the good fights.

Professor Wellar NOT a fan of porkers.

Contact Laine Johnson at or sign up to help.

Larga Baffin pushback from Deans, residents.

United church bike-taxi passengers.

Seyton NOT pedestrian-friendly!

Horizon Ottawa wants fair elections.

Follow the money.

Stillwater Creek.

Dying without dignity in dirty diapers?

Stillwater vet (wounded in Germany) gets a free ride to the bank.

CRAZY Robertson/Moodie intersection.

Formerly Sahara Dunes Shawarma.

Kichesippi beer bike.

Cinco de mayo!

Drone view of Westcliffe community building and Franco-Ouest.

Weird Westcliffe names.

Super Mario would have loved this!

Timmy’s on former Hooters ceded land.

Britannia Beach!

Call 613 518-2107 for a free ride or email

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