latest Bells Corners shooting, Baird back, McConville burns cash

Ex-candidate for mayor burns a million bucks in cash rather than give it to his ex-wife.

Bells Corners native son Rusty Baird is back!
John Baird is Bells Corners born and bred – his family home is on Ridgefield Crescent in Lynwood Village and his mom leads in BC real estate transactions.

Bullets fly in Bells Corners as a targeted 34-year-old male is shot in the calf.

Gangs can be nasty.

Pierre and Stephen are working for Rusty.

Bad news for Baird.

Lisa MacLeod and Joe Varner support Baird and Trump. Shame on the Bells Corners BIA boss and his campaign manager Terry Kilrea, a former WECA honcho.

Trump in Bells Corners.

Rick and Rusty love to infiltrate community associations for political gain.

Birds of a feather.

Joe and Rick’s BIA business banners.

Motorcyclists invaded East Side Mario’s rooftop patio.

Hey Jim! Rick’s back.

Will the Integrity Commissioner’s stalled report sink the creepy councillor’s boat?

What do these three politicians at the Transportation Committee have in common? They all support bike-taxi projects. Leiper should be chair, not another Watson Club developer-funded politician.

Bad news for Bells Corners. Our resident CBC journalist is leaving Bells Corners.

Road-widening in the Greenbelt on Old Richmond Road in Stony Swamp.
Denley: Denley:”Build on the Greenbelt.”

“We need to hold the line to protect the Greenbelt.”

Only a handful of residents turned up at Tristan’s self-promotional pancake brunch.

These residents liked the “normal” pancakes but didn’t fancy the gingerbread ones.

The much more successful 2013 Winter Carnival was organized by LVCA president Ron Tate.

Valentine’s Day in the Westcliffe strip mall.

Rick’s Catholic Church may excommunicate him. Does he really pray?

Bike-taxi passengers at the Westcliffe rinks.
Ottawa’s best outdoor rink?

Bill banned from the Westcliffe Community Association.

Unpaid volunteers clear the ice.

A labour-intensive environmentally-friendly operation.

Ice kings.

The new Westcliffe Community Association hasn’t got its website up yet.

Kichesippi Brewery and local residents raise thousands to help with wild fires.

Gateway sign.

A senior’s moment at the drive-thru drugstore.

Bells Corners, drive-thru capital of Canada. The Burger King abdicated but the Bells Mews strip mall is still there.

Old Richmond Road.

Many hair places are not listed in Joe Varner’s BIA business directory.



Zu’s place.

Wave Hair Salon on Northside.

BC Barber.


Bells Corners’ best barber.

Spahara has left Bells Corners for Kanata. Why lease when you can buy?

Mission Thrift Store.

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