“local rot” in Bells Corners

Local politicians are girding their loins for upcoming elections: federal first, then provincial next June and municipal next October.

Are ‘ya voting Arya? Vote here.

Our Liberal MP, hoping for a third term, has disappointed many and gets blasted by Dr. Barry Wellar, C.M., GISP, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa:

Wellar is a Bells Corners resident and a member of the Order of Canada.

“Put us down as undecided.”

More undecided voters. Most voters don’t want a nation-wide pandemic election in 2021.

Robertson House by Spring Living in Bells Corners.

Sahil envoys working at Robertson House near Kichesippi.

Progressive honest politicians at the Bells Corners mosque.

Disgraced politician Rick Chiarelli going door-to-door in City View in #CollegeWard.

He who pays the piper gets to call the tune. “Sad!” says Sam.

Vote here.

Another #WatsonClub fail.

Tom Green’s Bells Corners connections.

Returning to the scene of the crime with XOVELO and #ottbikesocial. Plaid Parade!

Near Dinardo’s.

Tybalt resident just wants justice.

Bells Corners BIA corruption, a drag on small businesses and the community.

Lloyd Francis Boulevard fiasco.

Bells Corners is the new Hintonburg?

New business opening next to the Mongolian Village patio: Indian takeout!

A third Bells Corners pot shop replaces the soccer store. Sad day for Italians and for our youth.

Spiderman in the East India Company parking lot.

FreshCo parking lot party.

Wacky home prices in Bells Corners.

Thrift stores saving souls.

Where Ardeth shops.

Dairy Queen melts.

Illegal dumping in Stillwater Creek.

Faded posters at the Bells Corners Creative Arts Centre.


Rick’s fake “community improvement” consultation was held here: fool the people.

Parking lot patios.

BC smoke crosses the country to foul BC air quality.

Electric cars won’t save us.

Canadian Tire employee fuels up.

Bells Corners’ newest “food truck.”

The bike doctor’s friend at Bells Corners’ most dangerous pathway.

Bellwood resident in the Giant Tiger plaza.

Crop circles at the Maple Hill Urban Farm.

School choice for non-Catholics?

Bell students at East Side Mario’s.

Midas at Hammill Court.

Lynwood Park Tennis Club: public or private?

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