Ardeth does Bells Corners

Coolest bike-taxi passenger since Shania Twain did Bells Corners.

Ardeth at the heritage Bel-Air Motel.

Dapper Stillwater Creek resident who knows BC investor Whit Tucker goes for a spin.

Stillwater employee at the laugh-out-loud Indian buffet (formerly Al’s Steakhouse).

Chartwell is the biggest retirement home chain in Canada.

Open House this Sunday at Stillwater.

Abby from Lynwood Park Lodge. Her master moved here from Virginia in 1975.

Lynwood Park Lodge residents touring the Bruce Pit on a free pedicab rickshaw bike-taxi.

Friendly guy from Trinidad-Tobago working on the giant dome at the mosque.

Grand opening!

Leafs fans celebrate at Local Heroes Oklahoma.

Go Leafs Go at High Fives in the Kanata-Ottawa Bells Corners Best Western.

Quebec hockey players  in Bells Corners for a tournament.

Champions du tournoi au McDo.

Collecting for the Algonquin College food bank at the overpriced grocery store.

This BC busker rides the rails with his dog!

This BC resident got a raw deal on social media.

Some want him banned from panhandling and Facebook.

A collision waiting to happen?

familiar face in the Robertson-Moodie left-turn lane.

Traffic-calming on the Ridgefield Speedway.

More traffic-calming in the heart of Lynwood Village.
What a mess near the Bells Corners Wall.

Ford rising in the polls. Double trouble? Praise the Lord!

Quietly ask for it by name.

McDonald’s sex shoppe plaza.

This billboard is often broken. Vote here.

Ardeth for mayor?

Galen Weston helps set up the Loblaws Garden Centre.

Reserved parking at the Bells Corners Loblaws.

Ardeth on the heads-are-going-to-roll bridge.

Low-income residents on the same bridge.

Making Bells Corners great again?

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