if you don’t vote…

On Sun. Nov. 15 at 3:00 an important election will take place in Bells Corners.

The Lynwood Village Community Association (LVCA) speaks on behalf of everyone in Bells Corners East when consulting with the crooked councillor and the City bureaucrats. It controls a budget of tens of thousands of tax dollars.

The LVCA receives funding from the councillor’s “office budget” (if he likes you) and also rents out the community building at whatever rate it chooses. The City distributes special grants to run the outdoor rinks (roughly $6000 depending on the size of the rink and other factors).

Do you live or own a business in Bells Corners East, home of the Lynwood Village Community Association (LVCA) and ward 8 councillor Rick Chiarelli?

If so you can vote online on Sun. Nov. 15 at 3:00 for new LVCA leaders.

Our brave Canadian soldiers laid down their lives fighting for democracy and freedom in foreign wars, most recently in Afghanada, but few Bells Corners residents know about crucial local elections. Fewer still bother to vote.

In the past 13 years only a handful of residents have ever shown up for community association Annual General Meetings (AGMs) in Bells Corners. Most residents have no idea these organizations exist and few understand their importance.

In the past the bylaws have been largely ignored by some board members who have profited from their positions.

This year could be different. Some board members and many residents want transparency, accountability and honest governance.

Rick’s on the ropes (and so are many of his allies) so Sunday’s trick-or-treat vote could produce some surprising results.

A new and improved (and transparent!) Lynwood Village Community Association may emerge.

Crystal Beach-Lakeview Community Association (CBLCA) meetings have drawn HUNDREDS of community members. Fifty residents attended this year’s Zoom. Last year’s AGM drew 77 residents.

Many Bells Corners residents are disappointed with the election result, especially in Westcliffe and on Tanglewood.

Two corrupt politicians battle it out. GiantJim has the edge on LittleRick.

Rick, Lida and Darryl can’t be too happy about Nancy’s new book. She knows where many of the skeletons are buried.

Most of Rick’s victims fear retribution and wish to remain anonymous. Not Nancy!

Like Trump, Rick refuses to give up and has girded his loins. He stands tall with his taxpayer-funded employees and his 2022 campaign manager.

“Vote for me in 2022 and I’ll turn Timm Drive into a divided highway.”

Will Rick and Donald end up as cellmates? What about Alex?

Rick and Nancy in happier times.

Nancy’s book may sell more copies than Randall’s!

Jay has an autographed hardcopy of Nancy’s book. Its contents are explosive!

The Integrity Commissioner’s second report will be even more salacious!


Chartwell Stillwater Creek Retirement Community on Robertson Road.

In Bells Corners fields…

Remembrance Day at Stillwater Creek.

November 11 at the Bells Corners Legion.

11:00 a.m. 2020

Ottawa West-Nepean Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld (Don Dransfield’s spouse).

Slick Remembrance Day marketing increases profits at Big Mort’s LittleRick Pub.

Yet another tragic fire.

Frequent fires in Bellwood: the absence of hydrants makes it hard for the firefighters.

Pizza Hut, Local Heroes, new hearing aid store.

A perfect cut.

Four-kid stroller on the Nepean Trail near Bruce’s Pit.

Not the first time bold thieves have hit the Northside plaza. When Miki was running his pizzeria two guys in hoodies stole all the cheese!

Where’s Rick?

Growing old in Bells Corners can be scary.

Hungry shark on Quinpool.

Pedestrian parade in Bells Corners.

Protest against police abuse of power.

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