jaywalking riflemen and coyotes

Jaywalkers are a common sight everywhere on the Bells Corners strip.

Pedestrian safety is NOT a priority when the car is king and Rick Chiarelli rules the roost.

This British rifleman is staying at the Best Western.

Britalia is being gutted and renovated top to bottom. The grand opening of the new sports bar is slated for September. Too bad about Fitz’s and the Delicious-no-more steakhouse.

The psycho fair is a Bells Corners tradition.

Moodie light rail station meeting at the Nepean Sailing Club, Mon. Aug. 21.

Crystal Beach residents have spoken and politician Mark Taylor is throwing his weight around.

But does the mayor agree with spending $50,000,000 more to build the huge train storage and maintenance facility on the Maple Hill Urban Farm Greenbelt land near Bells Corners?

Or $20,000,000 more to put it on Wesley Clover NCC land?

The horses and Shania Twain won’t like that!

Bread and circuses at the Entrance Pool, sponsored by the fake community association, the corrupt councillor and the Facebook bully.

Did you know that a famous gentleman robber has lived in a Lynwood Village split-level for 57 years?

Jaywalking Law-abiding coyote crosses Moodie to grab a snack.

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