Bells Corners balls

Fake¬†ball$ at the privatized “community” centre.

Tenni$ anyone?

Roofers at the heritage Bel-Air Motel.

Nov. 11, 11 a.m.

Stores are closed, so all is quiet on the Bells Corners front.

In Bells Corners fields the poppies grow…

Cameron Highlanders recruits stretch it out behind the beer store after a late night jog.

Everyone supports the troops except maybe this guy.

Army cadets at the Bells Corners legion on Nov. 11.

Cameron Highlanders digging in.

Some of the Canadians who died in Afghanada.

This guy’s father was in the Essex Highlanders.

These guys are cleaning up our dirty strip.

Injecting bacteria into the ground to “eat up” the contaminants.

So many broken dreams in the old Pizza Hut plaza.

LOTS of power tools and guitars in the new pawn shop.

Still working on the bricks in the Westcliffe plaza.

The soon-to-be-closed Salvation Army store will relocate in the Beer Store plaza.

The threat-management corporation Fortinet will keep some of the space.

Gussying up the entrance.

Arya campaigning in Bellwood for the upcoming election?

Will Chandra and Justin get reelected?

BIA boss Joe Varner wants you to vote for his wife and send in the troops.

Emilie Coyle’s election party:

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