Bells Corners crime

Police crime map

Fighting hate vandalism, vehicular homicide and gangs with Neighbourhood Watch.
Police union president Matt Skof is not impressed: “More show than substance. A photo-op contributes little to resolving the shooting crisis and neglects to address ‘big-picture’ issues.”

Some want to boost the police budget to hire more patrollers. A dissenting opinion:

More carding street checks a good thing?

Ottawa’s last manned gas bar? “Fill ‘er up and check the oil” at the heritage Bel-Air.

Place your bets for the next Patrick Brown.

Looks like Lisa has made up her mind.

Climate change deniers or skeptics?

Lisa’s toughest opponent in the new Nepean riding.

Rick’s cousin is a big fan.

Green Party dark horse?

Outdoor rink operator at Lakeview.

Best ODR operator in Ottawa?

So many local heroes.

Shinny players at Lakeview. Rink romance.
Where Moodie connects to Moodie.

A good place to slow down.

Too much fun? Shut it down?

Crashed ice craziness.

Cross country skiing in Bells Corners.

XC skiing at Wesley Clover.

No food desert in Bells Corners – lots of places to buy grub:

33 cents per banana.
Giant Tiger.





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