Moms’ Day pandemic pedophiles

The future looks bright for Bells Corners. Time to update the narrative. This one too.

Pandemic Mother’s Day in Bells Corners.

Stillwater Creek still virus-free!

Signed by Jan Harder and the naked killer.
2017  2014 2012

Before the pandemic.

During the pandemic.

After the pandemic?

Will the military patrol the streets of Lynwood Village?

Pandemic booze line-up.

Need cash?

Call a corrupt politician. Vote here.

Rick has $265,000 in tax dollars to spend on self-promotion and gifts to his friends.

Rick and his neighbours are not great on waste diversion: way less than 50%.

Looks like we’re heading for a new landfill thanks to Rick. Maybe fill in the Bruce Pit?

Street party! Date to be announced.

Developer-funded politicians are about to vote for sprawl. Where’s Rick?

Vote here. #ResignRick #ResignTristan #ResignJim

Rick stole the election from Emilie Coyle.

One way to grow grass.

Food lawn on Longwood.

Doug Hempstead on a Priam lawn. He’s leaving Bells Corners!

Ridgefield speedway lawn.

Local Heroes High Fives.

Lynwood Park is “open” but DON’T sit on the benches.
More dangerous benches.

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