place your bets

The Mike Holmes of Bells Corners building an addition on Evergreen Drive. He also built the Glen Cairn United Church.

Bargain hunters at the Bells Corners thrift stores.

Painting the Lloyd Francis / Cameron Highlanders / beer store plaza.

New bench, old plaque at the Bells Corners library.

Is a $14 burger a bargain and/or a healthy meal?

Fast food frenzy. Banners by Joe.

Yet another Bells Corners chip wagon food truck by General Dynamics?
A team from SNC-Lavalin is testing the contaminated soil next to the demolished Vox and 1951 West.

New tenant thanks to a crooked deal by crooked politicians.

In the StarBucks plaza.

Local food? With or without salt?

Pineapple plants sold at Loblaws.

Shilling for the RedBlacks at the food truck juggernaut
UPS is leaving the Giant Tiger plaza ($5000/month rent) for a spot next to the Salvation Army and Mission thrift stores.

Who will win on Oct. 21? Place your bets.

Bike-taxi ride, Bells Corners to Britannia Park and Westboro .

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