Greenbelt gobbled, part 3

Which parts of the Bells Corners Greenbelt will be gobbled by the light rail project? A political decision will be made in the near future.

Eight potential sites for the massive Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF).

Local residents jammed the Crystal Beach community centre to get answers.

Here are the three finalists for the MSF.

Kanata councillor Marianne Wilkinson was heckled for wanting to put a park-and-ride in the Greenbelt near the Moodie LRT station.

A politician patted himself on the back and told local residents that added traffic won’t be a problem.

Local residents disagreed with the disgraced councillor.

More info.

A Bells Corners frog says good-bye to winter.

See you next December.

This guy’s bus didn’t show up but he’s still smiling.

Broken-down on the strip.

OC Transpo mechanic tries to get it moving – towing a bus is expensive.

Seventh year for the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.

No tipping allowed.

A perfect safety record!

Catholic school board marketing.

Liberal brass bans cut-outs after Justin has a drink on the Bells Corners strip.

He came with his friends.

Will the new NDP leader ban cut-outs too?

Ski season ending, bike season starting.


$8 French fry bowls? Food porn on the strip.

Retro signage near the botched intersection.

One of the famous Bells Corners benches in Williams Park.

Seyton Drive in Westcliffe by Franco-Ouest.

Neighbourhood public schools closing but no shortage of students at the French Catholic board!

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