right-wing convoy invades Bells Corners

Lunatic fringe welcomes right-wing convoy to Bells Corners.

Putting a friendly face on hate, harassment and bullying.

No space for hate in College ward.

Selfish louts: “The hell with everybody else. It’s all about me!” Shame on Lisa MacLeod, Pierre Poilievre and John Baird.


Death on Moodie: RIP Nancy Tutton. Danger on Old Richmond Road.

Time for photo radar?

Rick’s honeytraps.

Unaffordable “infill” housing in Bell Corners on Ridgefield.

School choice in Bells Corners.

Fighting for funding with expensive advertising campaigns.

Bell H.S.

Four publicly-funded school boards in Ottawa plus lots of private schools.

Franco-Ouest (formerly St. Paul’s).

Unaffordable housing in Bells Corners.

Pandemic snowstorm.

Westcliffe Park rinks.

Thank you Allan!

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1 Response to right-wing convoy invades Bells Corners

  1. Teresa Frechette says:


    I would like to let you know that there has been some incorrect information published in the Feb 10th, 2022 edition of this newsletter regarding Nancy Tutton who tragically passed away after being hit on Moodie Drive as she was heading for work.

    It says on the page that she worked at the Kanata Tim Horton’s on Eagleson Rd.” This is incorrect. She worked at the Tim Horton’s on Edgewater St @ Hazeldean Rd.

    – Thanks for the correction. Such a tragic event, hope we do whatever we can to ensure it doesn’t happen to some other resident.

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