an accident waiting to happen?

Celebrating his 68th birthday at the Giant Tiger.

Bells Corners on NextDoor.

A drop in the bucket.

Official plan criticized by community associations.

Active transportation routes near Bells Corners.

No bus for you!

Good news, bad news for Bells Corners.

Home prices in Bells Corners.

A drop in the affordable housing bucket.

Community associations contact info.

Other community associations in College ward, some of them fake.

Yet another tragic crash on the Bells Corners strip. A man in his 40s was transported to hospital with multi-system trauma after a two-vehicle collision on Robertson Road, an Ottawa paramedic spokesman said Monday night. A woman in her 40s was assessed at the scene, but refused transport, the spokesman said.

Ottawa Fire Services was notified of the collision at 8:59 p.m., and when arriving at the crash site, between Stinson Avenue and Lynhar Road, found one vehicle on its roof with an occupant trapped inside. Extrication of the individual from the vehicle was completed by 9:15, the service said in a release.

Most dangerous intersections in Bells Corners.

Electric bike at Vera’s shack.

Lynwood Park.

Maintained by volunteers! Congrats to the new community association president Grant.

$4,500 surplus to be invested in the community?

Traffic-calming pothole season on the Ridgefield Speedway.

Bells Corners Mini Mart: cigars, magazines, Canada Post, etc.

Canada Post goes psychedelic.

Councillor’s “cognitive decline” and other sad stories.

Working on the Stillwater Creek Retirement Community antennas.

Stillwater residents get vaccinated.

Thorncliffe residents get the shot.

“Buying produce?” at FreshCo. “Don’t dawdle.”

Exorbitant rents and taxes = failed businesses in Bells Corners strip malls.

Lisa and Joe’s Bells Corners hidden BIA tax only benefits big money insiders.

Cross country skiing near Bells Corners.

Bells Corners to the Gatineau Park on a bike.

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