pandemic New Year 2021

Pandemic skating rules.

Pandemic Xmas 2020.

Two of Coun. Rick Chiarelli’s many victims, Nancy and Stephanie, make the front page.

The Integrity Commissioner has received yet another explosive complaint from Dr. Barry Wellar, a prominent Bells Corners resident.

The infamous Chiarelli family includes Ross, Gus, Rick, Peter, Darryl and many others.

Mayor/Minister Bob is from the very wealthy Ross side of the family. Cousin Rick is the blackest sheep in the family next to Darryl.

Rick’s “alcohol-free” New Year’s Eve boondoggles are NOT free.

Team Chiarelli’s self-promotional events are heavily subsidized by the taxpayer.

The 2020 event, held online, had some bizarre activities for the kids and the faithful.

The Vox Fox is on the ropes but, like Trump, he’ll do more damage before he goes down hard.

It’s outrageous the way Rick Chiarelli plays politics with traffic calming. Speeding cut-through traffic is a huge problem in Bells Corners but the councillor’s quiet street (above) is barely affected.

Speeding is rampant in Bells Corners but the light westbound traffic on Tanglewood Drive approaching the speed display board is naturally slowed by the sharp turn ahead. Unlike most other residential streets in Bells Corners Tanglewood has a sidewalk to enhance pedestrian safety.

Creative traffic calming is desperately needed at MANY locations in Bells Corners and College ward, but Tanglewood Drive (where the councillor lives) is nowhere near the top of the list. 

The councillor was caught a) texting while driving b) using his traffic calming budget as a slush fund. Resign Rick!

Speed kills and maims. It would be great if EVERY street in College ward had improved traffic calming measures but this is clearly not a priority for the mayor and his #WatsonClub allies on council.

Do Black lives matter in Bells Corners?

Police takedown at Bells Corners PS.

Bells Corners pot sold in a heritage 19th-century church.

Big Dig removes contaminated soil on the dirty Bells Corners strip.

School choice for non-Catholics?

Missing since November but this guy refuses to abandon his quixotic quest.

Replacing the vandalized signs.

Bells Corners is the drive-thru capital of Ottawa.

American car gets a cheap charge good for 300 km.

Backroom politicking at secretive community associations: Tristan Maack deposed.

Politicians and activists girding loins for the 2022 battle.

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