Beefy Russians invade Bells Corners

Russian rugby players enjoyed their stay in Bells Corners at the Best Western.

They thumped the Canadians 43-20.
It was the first time ever they beat us.

Free bike-taxi rides and some fun at High Fives to celebrate.

When I asked them about Putin, Trump and Justin they just rolled their eyes.

Mystery object at Bell HS.

International student heading home.

Hydro Ottawa fixes the crooked poles at the Centennial Library. Politicians love the “free” money to play with at election time.

Nice Bells Corners boat!

Fake community association uses taxpayer funds to throw a party for their clique.

Lots of politicians looking for photo ops but few ordinary residents.

Emilie wants to knock off Chiarelli but will only split the anti-Rick vote, foiling Jim/Ryan.

It’s all about controlling the “community” building and subsidizing your friends and family. Sneaky!

FreshCo shopping cart corral destroyed by the May windstorm.

New one being installed today.

Cheerful bike-taxi passenger.

Can you guess where I picked this guy up?

Cleaning up at McDo.

Chilling at the Dairy Queen.

Dog corral where Bells Corners meets beer.

Hot dogs cool down.

Scary stats as ticks move north.

Big dig at General Dynamics.
Nasty election! Tristan called Lisa a bully. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Doug Ford won a majority?

Fathers Day at the Church of Pentecost.

Everyone was wearing their Sunday best.

This guy loves the Butchery.

Tourists love Bells Corners.

Bells Corners bike shop.

“Home, James!”

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1 Response to Beefy Russians invade Bells Corners

  1. Russian athletes rolling their eyes in response to a political question… good on them for leaving their politics at home.

    Politicians campaigning on taxpayer dollars is pretty gross. I’m not sure why people don’t complain more about it. Not only does it give them an unfair advantage but it’s also just immoral—a form of corruption that is obvious and insulting to all taxpayers. Unfortunately, Par for the course for all Nepean politicians. “Pay as you go”, you say, not a chance!

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