Lisa and Joe turn on Rick

Lisa MacLeod and Joe Varner’s turn to throw Rick Chiarelli under the bus.

Will Alex Lewis be at the tree lighting? Will Alex’s successor as BIA boss, Lisa MacLeod’s hubby Joe Varner, announce his candidacy to replace Rick? Vote here.

Rick has his backers/apologists, like Erin Coffin from the Christ Church:

Will Rick try to brazen it out?

Strong winds wreak havoc.

Not everyone is a fan of Rick Chiarelli’s “temporary” replacements, developer-funded career politicians Scott Moffatt and Allan Hubley.

Hubley turns on Rick:

The bike doctor at Kichesippi.

Emmanuel Alliance Church member with Todd in the background.

Bellcrest supports the troops.

Moodie “bike lanes.”

Korean fare.

The Bells Corners mosque contains a K-8 private school of about 100 students.

Rick Chiarelli’s favourite massage parlour.

Thorncliffe Place.

Planet Bells Corners.

Police morale is terrible.

Nasty crime in Bells Corners.

Jim Watson looks bad.

Cops on bikes and more freedom of speech would help police morale.

New sign at Prima.

Bike-taxi passengers on the strip.

Bells Corners queer.

Respect RX.

Religious thrift stores.



Guy from Uganda in Bells Corners to look for a room.

Cameron Highlanders in the Beer Store plaza.

Winter’s coming.

Bells Corner Auto.

Tybalt tires.

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