Rick’s demolition derby

Expect accidents too.
This isn’t the first serious collision caused by the $3M Moodie/Robertson boondoggle, and it won’t be the last.
With the right turn lane torn up for Rick’s “improvements” confusion reigns in the intersection.
This southbound-on-Moodie Mazda was turning left on Robertson. The other vehicle was northbound-on-Moodie heading straight through.
The Mazda sat in the lane for hours while the poor drivers waited for the police, adding to the traffic chaos.
Yet another nasty collision snarled up Bells Corners most dangerous intersection this afternoon – the smashed-up remains were towed away. Yesterday a cherry-picking bucket wiped out a traffic light on Parish Avenue in front of Bells Corners PS, causing the pole to crash to the ground Montreal-style.
The truck was exiting the Pizza Hut Plaza, turning left to head for the strip. Looks like there’s lots of clearance, no? Seventeen feet, to be precise.
The red truck driver forgot to lower the bucket all the way – timber!
He got off with a $110 fine. Not a lot considering it’ll cost the taxpayer many thousands of dollars to repair the damage – three truckloads of City workers spent hours replacing the smashed equipment, and the scene was also attended by a half dozen firefighters and a couple of police cars. But he’ll have to contend with his boss (the bucket was wrecked) and the City may goes after his insurance company for reimbursement.
These guys use cherry-pickers all the time to trim trees, but they assured me that they always remember to put the bucket down when they’re driving around.
They’ve got cool signs that fold/roll up. They’re just about finished trimming all the Bells Corners trees that threaten the hydro lines running behind our houses, so they’ll be vacating their rooms in the Ottawa-Kanata Bells Corners Best Western on Friday to leave for their next gig in New Brunswick.
They said they’ve loved working in Bells Corners, especially Lynwood Village because of the “amazing mature trees.” They gave the BC Best Western three thumbs up (“a better deal than the Holiday Inn”) but they may stay at Bells Corners’ funkiest motel next year.
Bells Corners’ best travel agent
Bells Corners’ best book store
Bells Corners’ biggest blade chops up the asphalt- does it all go to the landfill?

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5 Responses to Rick’s demolition derby

  1. Dave Mc. says:

    I’m going to say if someone southbound turning left onto Robertson collides with someone going north straight through then it was stupid human error that caused it. And sorry, unless there was personal injury from the “accident” the police won’t give two shi** about showing up and the drivers should just pull their cars over to a safe position away from traffic and exchange information. The police will just tell the drivers to make an accident claim at the nearest police station. (been there, done that)

  2. ottawaowl says:

    Moodie mayhem

  3. margaret says:

    on the whole I think this has been ‘workable’ … better than I thought it would be

    but an interesting observation on a bike/bus lane at an intersection like we are meant to be getting ….
    Baseline at Clyde going east,
    they have this bus/bike section on the west side
    but the bus was in the regular car lane at the intersection …
    because it would’ve blocked the right (south) turn lane onto Clyde
    DOH!! someone in transportation/planning didn’t know the length of a city bus obviously !!

    • margaret says:

      just done this same ‘run’ eastward on Baseline at about 12:30 – not too much traffic out there fortunately.
      same location – the worm bus actually used its lane, blocked the right turn and also straddled the bike lane too – thank goodness there were no cyclists

      also more fun at woodroffe … they put signs up for ONE lane closure just before getting to it, to find that it actually was TWO lanes being closed, so 3 lanes of traffic were trying to feed into one. it took 7 light changes to get from Centrepointe across Woodroffe

  4. carcentric says:

    Demolition derby and craziness on the Bells Corners strip.

    A 56-year-old woman is in serious but stable condition after a single-vehicle crash.

    Paramedics said that the woman was immobilized for a spinal-cord injury after the collision on Robertson Road near Moodie Drive.


    deposit interruptus

    If it bleeds, it leads.

    Crash! Every day!

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