Sean, Chandra and Matt duke it out

A sure thing for Chandra Arya and Justin Trudeau? Vote here (and on Sept. 20).

Arya “stole” the 2015 election from Sean Devine and Andy Wang. Bells Corners was painted red as Lisa grabbed my ass.

Arya held the fort for Justin in 2019 as sign wars raged. The 2021 vote is too close to call.

Vandalized election sign on the councillor’s street. Justin spotted in Bells Corners.

Barry blasts Chandra and Justin.

Is Bells Corners a 15-minute neighbourhood? Sort of.

Are pedestrians safe? Yes and no.

Do speed display boards help? Professor Wellar: “Boondoggle!”

Speed display board data used as a political football by corrupt politicians.

Forty years young in Lynwood Village. House is turning 60 soon.

Unaffordable housing plagues Bells Corners.

Bells Corners to Andrew Haydon Park on a bike!

A safe route via MUP pathways.

Britannia Beach.

Anti-Chinese communist car parade cruises the Bells Corners strip.

Starfries open!

Binh-go gone again!

Live music in Westboro Westcliffe.

Firefighters celebrating pride in Mrs. Stinson’s garden.

Lynwood Village is built on her farm.


Curious LVCA map of Lynwood Village.

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