Where’s Rick? part 3

You never know where Rick Chiarelli will pop up next!

Will he show up at the Conservative tree-lighting ceremony?

Nasty! OMG! Will Rick sit on Santa’s lap?

Joanne, Ardeth or Heather for mayor!

The Bells Corners bike-taxi is NOT battery-powered.

Mangoes at the mosque.

Spark ‘er up!

Shot fired in Lynwood Village.

Young deer loaded up.

Bears spotted in Lynwood Village.


Vera’s burgers!

Elegant delivery guy.

Bell HS rabble-rouser.

I noticed one student littering in Hillside Park. Lots of student vapers!

For crashed-ice craziness?

New student bike parking at Bell HS.

Cyclists have to pretend they’re buses to access the bike racks.

Walk your bike!

Main bike route between Bells Corners and south Nepean: closed during the day M-F and after 10:30 p.m.

Strike! Pissed-off students, parents, teachers, taxpayers, trustees, custodians.

Bell Arena snack seller has been there forever. Business is lousy, barely covers his rent, but he’s not complaining.

Rick’s favourite snack at Harvey’s Horror.


Distracted driving?

Traffic chaos on the strip while OC driver waits for the tow truck.

Afghanada LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) gets a tow at Bells Corners’ largest employer.

What does that sign say?

Five languages!

In the shadow of McDonald’s.

Scraggly sign at Mario’s place.

Fridays at the mosque.

Part market, part food bank. Thank you, brothers.

Burst water main at the fire station.

Xmas at the Christian thrift stores.

Only stopped for a minute.

Ghost shoppers.

Future Bells Corners pot next to Mucho Burrito Quesada.

Cushy minimum wage job holding the sign for Zellers?

All that glitters…

Sprightly senior on the sidewalk from nowhere.

Rick Junior spotted at McDo.


Vote here for Rick’s replacement.

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