Governor General on the Bells Corners bike-taxi

Another conviction in the Bells Corners drug/sex killing.

Sheet metal workers on strike.

Tearing up the Bells Corners strip: each telecom company runs its own fibre optic lines.

Pretty shabby.

Quebec tourists outside the Brew Table.

Remodelled lobby in the Day’s Inn.

Doors open at the Bells Corners mosque.

Doors Open on Timm Drive.

Chinese students, in Bells Corners to learn English, frolic in Hillside Park.

Japanese students, in Bells Corners to learn English, near Bell HS.

A Bells Corners runner scored a personal best in the marathon.

Brazen billboards.

Many Westcliffe Estates streets have Shakesperian origins.

Controversial Anglican Church plan to cash in with 35 units on Old Richmond.

War games at the Bells Corners Best Western.

Recreating famous WW2 and Korean War battles.

Homeless people colonize Bells Corners in the summer.

Homeless dogs ride in style.

Moodie-style pop-up bike lanes for the cyclist killed in the bike lane.

This cyclist was also mowed down in a bike lane near Bells Corners. Horrific injuries.

Leaving Bells Corners on a #murderstrip can be exciting.

Bulldogs at BCPS.

Microneedling, also known as vampire facials.

Skateboard ride ends in a broken ankle.

NO bike parking for customers at the thrift store.

Blocking the sidewalk.

Formerly Sahara Dunes in Bells Corners.

Stepping back in time to 1960: a bargain at $429,800?

Military brass apologizes for offending Afghanada veterans at DND on Moodie.

Dr. Barry Wellar blames Watson:

A Climate Minister and a Green leader go for an interprovincial bike ride.

A governor general goes for a spin on the Bells Corners bike-taxi.
A governor general embraces a Green leader.
Can you spot Governor General Julie Payette on her bike??
Gobbling the Greenbelt.

Road expansion in Stoney Swamp to serve suburban sprawl.

Seven wildlife corridor tunnels will be installed under the highway.

NCC rental house.

NCC rental homes demolished for Hunt Club roundabout.

A rematch coming in Nepean riding.

Want to buy a lot? Only $699,000 for some contaminated land at 3809 “Richmond Road.”

Picking up the garbage on Priam Way.

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1 Response to Governor General on the Bells Corners bike-taxi

  1. Wim Th. ten Hagen ten Holder says:

    Colourful happenings with a bike-taxi will help you become mayor of Ottawa. Bonne chance, Wim

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