Pandemic Christmas

Bells Corners Santa Claus parade, basketball, Bruce Pit.

Santas (sic) coming to Bells Corners.

Naughty or nice? Vote here.

Mike Patton shilling for Rick on the taxpayer’s dime.

A humdinger of a council meeting with the disgraced councillor refusing to quit.

Most councillors are financed by the development industry.

Horizon Ottawa wants to end systemic political corruption.

Gobbling the Greenbelt.

More Greenbelt gobbling planned to fuel 1% developer and land speculator profits.

Vote here.

If Rick resigns will he endorse his buddy Kurt Stoodley? Vote here.

#WatsonClub politicians are against fair elections.

Rick shopping at FreshCo.

Pandemic panic, part 2?

WiLan worker enjoys a fine Cuban cigar.

Hot work smoothing out the black concrete at the Timmy’s drive-thru.

Formerly Hooters and the Ponderosa.

Business is booming at some Bells Corners businesses.

Formerly Wallack’s.

The thrift stores were packed.

Kichesippi is dog-friendly.

Daily smashups in car-centric Bells Corners.

Yet another crash near the heritage Bel-Air motel.

Tennis racquet bench and new trees near the privatized tennis club.

More Bells Corners balls to be installed?

Bell High bungling.

Physical education class near the new gym.

Library to close?

Lots of backroom politicking at the secretive community associations.

Bike parking at Lisa and Rick’s supermarket.

“Blunch” at Zola’s in the Westcliffe plaza.

Getting hitched during the pandemic in the Sex Shop plaza.

Maintaining ancient infrastructure in Lynwood Village.

Does praying to the right god really help?

Religious food banks or a living wage for the working poor?

FAMSAC is the Christian food bank in the former City of Nepean. Other religions run their own faith-based food banks.

The CCBC corporation has the deepest pockets.

An unfair first-past-the-post election handed victory to Rick in #CollegeWard.

#TeamRyan vote-splitting and Chiarelli cheating cost Emilie Coyle the election.

Lipstick on a pig?

Affordable housing is in short supply in Bells Corners.

No shortage of luxury accommodations for DND bureaucrats and the wealthy.

Huge tax breaks for the 1%.

A few more minimum wage jobs for the working poor.

Spot the spelling mistake?

Loblaws bullies?

Big dig to remove contaminated soil.

The owner of this property has VERY deep pockets.

You can’t build big on contaminated soil.

What’s that in celsius?

Yet another Bellwood trailer park fire. With the nearest hydrant 500 metres away firefighters had their hands full.

Sometimes idling is okay but this is NOT a good place to park for 15 minutes with your exhaust directed at pedestrians!

This big boy spewed a lot of toxic fumes into the pedestrian zone during a lengthy visit.

This OC Transpo bus idled for a l-o-n-g time too.

The cheerful volunteers were warmly dressed.

All three grocery chains in Bells Corners are raking in huge profits.

Hefty profit margins.

Todd’s trees, trucked in from Nova Scotia, sold like hot cakes.

As usual Metro had the highest prices.

Elf trees.

Not everyone is a fan of leaf blowers.

Pandemic Remembrance Day at the Bells Corners legion.

Liberal politician lays the first wreath.

No wreaths yet for current wars.

A great day for photo ops.

Remembrance Day at Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence.

In Bells Corners fields…

Santa Claus parade gets ready to roll.

Valley Stream.

Valley Stream Senators.

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