Bells Corners pandemic moments

Bells Corners lockdown as the virus spreads.

Yikes! We’re lucky we live on an island. Is it too late to build the Bells Corners Wall?

The pandemic is tough on everyone (except for those who profit from the panic) but it’s especially bad for the homeless in Bells Corners.

Doping less dangerously.

A Crystal Beach-Lakeview Community Association elder at FreshCo.

An example for Tristan and Bill of a transparent democratic community association.

Ardeth waves to her neighbours.

Who tripped the Easter Bunny?

Ardeth interrogates a suspect.

Did the Simpsons do it better?

Police seek a Caucasian man in his 20s after a 4 a.m. knifepoint robbery at the Circle K .

They’re also looking for this guy after a lot of bad stuff went down at Robertson and Moodie. He’s wanted for shooting his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. I won’t tell you where.

Lisa MacLeod and her hubby at the Bells Corners BIA organized a Pandemic Car & Truck Parade.

Lisa’s boss Doug Ford nixed the silly idea and ordered her to cancel it.

Most teachers and cops are heroes and there are only a few bad apples.

Is this man a bully?

Cedar Court where the sleazy honeytraps guy used to live.

Best takeout in Bells Corners? This place.
Poster at Prima’s Pizza. Forget the baby boom, cue the divorce boom.

Last chance.

Honk! Honk! at Kichesippi.

Which Bells Corners small businesses will survive? Louise’s closed forever?

Ka-ching! Illegal activity in Lynwood Park.

Visitors from Nunavut wait for a taxi at the Giant Tiger.
This guy was attacked by a polar bear! He’s staying at Larga Baffin while being treated.

Tough times for a Westcliffe pet groomer who’s related to Paul.

One way to fill deep potholes.

A feisty Polish lady with sore hips hitched a free ride to her daughter’s place on Seyton.

She wasn’t that heavy so we went straight up Bill’s Westcliffe Hill!

How many dead pedestrians before the politicians smarten up?

$2000/month plus utilities for this Cymbeline handyman’s special near Big Bill’s place.

No virus deaths yet at Stillwater Creek!

Fool the people at Rick and Jim’s corrupt tax-subsidized hotel.

No bargains at this Old Richmond Road apartment building.

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