Bells Corners on fire! (NOT a “kooky idea”)

A sure sign of spring: T & T Fries opens for its 16th season in Bells Corners.

Spring tire swap time at Canadian Tire.

Homes for sale in Bells Corners. Good news/bad news.

A crew from Calgary staying at the Best Western (once occupied by beefy Russians).

A family from Toronto staying at the Holiday Inn.

Four-year-old trilingual Afghan refugee at the Day’s Inn looking forward to starting school soon. She’s been here for almost a month but is moving to Bayshore.

His family is very grateful for Canadian help escaping the Taliban.

Another parking lot party coming Aug. 14!

Christian thrift stores closed on Sundays.

Two-alarm fire next to Hillside Park.

Another recent tragic fire claimed two feline lives.

Homeless in Bells Corners.

Stillwater Creek town hall.

David Sparling’s on fire! Excellent suggestion for extending the Trans Canada trail east of Moodie through Stillwater Station (with the developer paying the costs).

More excellent suggestions for Timm Drive:

David hits the nail on the head:

Unaffordable housing crisis: inclusionary zoning to combat gentrification opposed by Rick and the big developers.

Intensification in Lynwood Village: small home on huge lot replaced by two new houses.

Laine Johnson is on fire! Rick on the run in College ward.

Decreasing car-dependency in the inner suburbs: “NOT a kooky idea!

Laine is listening.

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