Lisa and Rick on the way out

Door closing on Lisa MacLeod after tainted victory with 16% of the vote.

Even Doug Ford is fed up with Lisa.

Not the first time Lisa and Joe, Chandra Arya, the Bells Corners BIA and religious honcho$ stand with Rick when there’s a buck to be made.

True charity or a cash handout to wealthy political allies who don’t pay their taxes?

Rick Chiarelli is running to boost his City of Ottawa pension and settle scores with his many enemies.

With so many wannabe politicians and hustlers eager to cash in on Rick’s troubles the College ward vote will be split and Chiarelli could win!

Dr. Barry Wellar’s accusations against the disgraced councillor and his enablers made national news.

NCC trail in the Bell Forest between Lynwood Village and Bell HS still blocked.

The main bike route between Bells Corners and southern Nepean.

Time to bury the lines?

Stinson Avenue BEFORE the derecho. Lynwood Village is built on the Stinson family farm.

Stinson AFTER the storm flattened Bells Corners.

Near miss in lower Lynwood after Bells Corners was ravaged by the storm.

Doomed maple on City property removed no cost to the owner. Apparently any tree older than 100 years is the City’s responsibility even if it’s on a homeowner’s property?

The Bellwood “Estates” mobile home affordable housing community threatened with eviction again.

Bike-taxi fun: safe and FREE.

Homeless in Bells Corners but still smiling.

Doping less dangerously. Tricked and treated.

Foresters at the Bells Corners Best Western.

Profits soar at the Bells Corners Loblaws.

NDP couple goes for a spin.

Fierce protectors of the Greenbelt with impressive resumés.

Bells Corners bash in Todd’s parking lot.

Parking lot party.

Nunavut residents staying at the Bells Corners Best Western.

Dying without dignity in dirty diapers: Chartwell Stillwater Creek cash grab courtesy of Mike Harris and Doug Ford.

Storm damage at the Thorncliffe retirement home: without a generator to power the only elevator many residents suffered greatly during the ten-day blackout.

Worrisome Stillwater Creek “routine inspection reports” hushed up by Chartwell.

Poor parking at Mort’$.

Nice place on Evergreen for $750K.

Home prices in Bells Corners about to fall?

Hydro Ottawa’s big boys ready to be deployed at Longwood/Old Richmond.

Top-secret VERY special delivery from Professor Barry Wellar to the City Clerk.

Three kings after the by-election: Rick, Rawlson, Jim.

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