pandemic pandemonium

Does Bells Corners still rock since the virus struck? Crime is up but cheating is down.

Torched car near General Dynamics Mission Systems, Bells Corners’ biggest employer. The work of Chinese spies? Or a mob-connected politician?

Less traffic = fewer shattered lives and breathable air.

Our seniors are dropping like flies.

His glasses weren’t broken but he hit his head on the curb at FreshCo and seemed disorientated.

Cleanup time. Sometimes the community tidies up in Dragonfly Park for Todd.

The Giant Tiger sells a bit of food so they’re allowed to stay wide open. Business is booming.

Justin himself once shopped here!

The Chinese-supplied Dollarama sells “food” and uses saran wrap instead of plexiglass to protect workers and shoppers, so profit$ are HUGE.

Jay “Milhous” Nixon will survive but his chocolatey neighbour is throwing in the towel.

More businesses will follow, including Lisa Marie’s ripoff grocery store.

Gobbling the Greenbelt at Hunt Club and Moodie so that the urban boundary can be expanded and developer profit$ bloated!
Pro-expansion corrupt councillors like Tricky Dicky Chiarelli are funded by the Taggart family.

Shame on hypocritical corrupt politicians like Jim, Allan, Rick and Tristan.

Our disgraced councillor and his family are huge fans of Shania Twain.
Chiarelli has hired Rachel, a new tax-funded “assistant,” to grease his friends’ wheel$, push his wheelchair and attend to his needs.

BREAKING! SuzyQ will be selling her hipster doughnuts beside the drive-thru KFC (next to the drive-thru payday loan place and the pot shop in the heritage spa).
Mr. Doughnut is still on the taxpayer’s payroll with a six-figure salary and a $250k annual office budget slush fund.
Poor Joe Varner, Tristan Maack, Todd Hamstra and Kurt Stoodely!

They’ll have to wait until 2022 to fight over who will become College ward’s next corrupt councillor.
Smart money’s on Joe, Todd or his Westcliffe buddy Terry Kilrea.

Lisa’s hubby Joe has the inside track.

Two mistakes! Spellcheck please at Rick’s Catholic church.


Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Fancy-pants tax-subsidized sign at Erin’s Chri$t Church.

This cheerful wheelchair guy gave me permission to film him and tell his amazing story.

Eddie investigates and wakes up the homeless guy.

Begging in Lynwood Park. Will the police crack down?

Yes! Homeless bums jailed and the grafitti on Rick and Tristan’s balls removed.

Happy dance! Lynwood Park is safe again.
  Arson in Westcliffe?
Yet another mysterious fire south of Bells Corners!
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