Bells Corners pot

Election time in Bells Corners.

CBC Ottawa questionnaire asks Bells Corners candidates in the Oct. 22 municipal election:

Rick ducked the question.

Should beer and pot sales be privatized?

Split vote: Ryan, Emily or (ugh!) sleazy Rick?

Paving paradise at Bell H.S. Vote Rob Campbell to end the madness.

Another brick in the Bells Corners wall?

Many politicians were campaigning at the Pride Parade.
Conservative cop and former Bells Corners BIA bigwig Alex Lewis marched with the chief.

Bike-taxi passengers at Bayshore.

Free pizza at the outside wood-fired community oven.

Is bus service good enough in Bells Corners?

Looks like Loblaws could be getting a tax handout from the corrupt politicians.

Westboro bike-taxi passengers.

Car in the ditch along the Moodie freeway.

Put a tiger in your tank here.

Chicken from Pizza Pizza.

Fire in the trailer park.

Swimming lessons at the Holiday Inn pool.

The eyes have it.

Giant Tiger pie-eating.
T&T fries at the party.

Giant Tiger plaza after they tore up the greenery and replaced it with cement.

It’s cheaper for the mall owner to maintain concrete.

Mr. Pho’s spiffy new sign.

Valley Stream retirement residence.

Maintaining the heritage Bel-Air motel.

Night riders in Lynwood Village.

Slow down, speed kills.

Ritzy new restaurant next to McDo.

Das schnitzel.

Das police.

Das bike-taxi.

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