Rick goes down hard

Looks like the jig’s up for Rick Chiarelli and other crooked Bells Corners politicians.

Local journalist Joanne Chianello had the scoop but the story soon went national.

Bras were hung at City Hall to protest the career politician’s boorish behaviour.

Workers removed them but Mayor Jim Watson gleefully ordered them back up.

Chiarelli and Watson have been bitter enemies since Rick launched his fake Chiarelli-for-mayor campaign and put Mike Patton back on the payroll.

More victims started to come forward.

Other councillors took aim at Chiarelli’s behaviour.

Even the Ottawa Sun jumped on the bandwagon.

More allegations kept coming.

Former Chiarelli fans were baffled and concerned.

Rick got a rough ride on Reddit.

Stories surfaced of Rick sending his nubile employees into strip joints to spy and seduce men in order to blackmail them.

Social media had another field day.

Poor Tristan Maack had to pull his comment excusing Rick’s behaviour.

Integrity Commissioner Bob Marleau will make a public report soon.

Vote here.

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2 Responses to Rick goes down hard

  1. BARRY WELLAR says:

    I am a resident of College Ward for which Rick Chiarelli is councillor, and I am very disturbed by the details revealed as this story is unfolding.

    However, I am also concerned that this story is explaining something else, and that is the failure on Mr. Chiarelli’s part to do the kind of work that comes with the territory of being a councillor.

    Over a number of months I have sent multiple emails to Mr. Chiarelli with absolutely no success whatsoever on such matters as: Speeding on Moodie Drive and Arnold Drive; trucks on Arnold Drive which is signed No Trucks at one end, but no sign at the other end, and no signs on any bisecting or intersecting streets; trucks entering and leaving Arnold Drive via Old Richmond Road which is signed No Trucks between Robertson Road and Moodie Drive; unsecured loads on trucks and trailers on neighbourhood streets; the reasons for his position on the Château Laurier; reasons for his position on the independence of councillors; reasons for not agreeing that citizens are entitled to free, easy, timely, and direct online access to City of Ottawa public records; failure to take up the issue of City of Ottawa property in need of remedial attention; failure to disclose his communications with Ottawa Police Service regarding area traffic issues in College Ward; failure to disclose what actions he took as a result of a Bells Corners neighbourhood traffic study in 2010; and, presumably, approving a communication by a member of his staff who opined in response to a concern about stunt driving on a neighbourhood street that due to our climate, stunt driving cannot happen here.

    Yep, that is correct, not a clue about the meaning of stunt driving, and a notion about our climate that boggles.

    For my part, I am moved to wonder what Mr. Chiarelli does to earn his salary. And, since nothing seems to be done that requires staff expertise, why does he have an office budget?

    This is a very troubling situation that calls for decisive action by mayor and council, including the provision of intelligent responses to inquiries that deal with significant matters of public interest, and which are really only ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to addressing issues in College Ward that are in serious need of attention.

  2. Steve Clark, Minister
    Municipal Affairs and Housing
    Government of Ontario

    Re: Need for Legislation Enabling the Timely Removal of Municipal Officials from Office for Dereliction of Duty

    Dear Minister Clark,

    You may be aware of the perplexing situation in which City of Ottawa politicians and residents in College ward find themselves as a result of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct involving Councillor Rick Chiarelli.

    If you are not aware of the situation and its serious implications for governance in the city of Ottawa, I am sure that your staff can bring you up to speed in short order by reviewing area broadcast and social media reports.

    The purpose of this note is not to discuss the sexual misconduct allegations, nor to elaborate concerns arising due to lack of responses to emails sent to Mr. Chiarelli since the beginning of this term of office on duty of care and standard of care matters.

    What I do want to call to your attention is the absence of remedies available to councils and citizens to effectively and efficiently deal with elected municipal officials who cease doing the job for which they were elected by such failings as:
    · Showing up for council meetings once every three months;
    · Playing the medical leave card one day and going on vacation the next;
    · Hiring staff without confirming whether they have the credentials to properly serve constituents;
    · Failing to hold public meetings;
    · Failing to meet with constituents;
    · Failing to communicate with constituents via responses to emails;
    · Failing to communicate with constituents via newsletters;
    · Using her or his office budget for personal purposes;
    · And, in general, becoming enmeshed in self-inflicted or self-authored situations of sexual, financial, criminal, social, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or of other natures which materially affect the proper carrying out of one’s duties as an elected official.

    Mr. Clark, there have been municipal governments in the Province of Ontario for more than 100 years, and it seems to me to be bizarre that in all that time no provincial government appears to have anticipated the need for legislation to deal with these kinds of local governance situations.

    In the event that there is legislation which addresses how to deal the dereliction of duty problem on the part of municipal politicians, I will be most grateful to have it called to my attention via the pertinent link or links.

    Conversely, if the dereliction of duty issue is as unattended and as messy to address as I believe it to be in the absence of provincial legislation, then I look forward to learning at the earliest moment about your intentions to take or to not take corrective action via appropriate legislative measures and/or other means.

    I recall for your consideration that as a consequence of the current situation involving Mr. Chiarelli, some 50,000 residents of College ward, City of Ottawa, are without proper municipal representation.

    In my experience this perplexing situation warrants immediate corrective action by you, your Ministry, and your government. Further, communications with citizens in Ottawa and elsewhere in Ontario confirm that other citizens join me in seeking prompt action to achieve a remedy which addresses dereliction of duty on the part of municipal politicians.

    I note in closing that this communication and your response may be of interest to those copied, including the mayor and councillors, City of Ottawa, so I am requesting that the Reply All button be used to transmit your response.


    Dr. Barry Wellar, C.M., GISP Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa
    President, Information Research Board Inc.
    133 Ridgefield Crescent
    Nepean, ON K2H 6T4

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