Bells Corners lockdown

Need groceries, medicine or just a free ride? Email, phone or hail the bike-taxi.
Good for transporting heavy loads. Free, no tipping, sanitized. Safer than a car. Endorsed by governors general.

Hazmat suits on the Bells Corners strip for a suspected case.

Test was negative.

Emergency hospital at D.A. Moodie.

Welcome to Bells Corner (sic): virus victims to occupy neighbourhood school.

Maintaining social distance on the Ridgefield speedway.

I tried to keep my social distance at PriceChopper FreshCo but people butted in.

A woman tried to buy 7 loaves of white bread and was called out by a BCR bully.

Good plan but when only one cash is open social physical distancing breaks down.

Wish I had share$ in a big grocery chain!

Loblaw’s attempts at enforcing social distancing.

Plexiglas shields in place and bonus pay for sitting-duck cashiers.

Security guard counts the customers at Loblaws.

HUGE tax breaks for Loblaw Inc. thanks to Rick and Jim.

Which local businesses will fail first as the fear spreads?

The virus has shaken up the local social media scene too! Many new private Facebook groups are splintering the market for local news, call-outs, social shaming, whining and self-promotion. Residents are moving to other platforms.

Which Facebook admins will gain or lose market share after the T-man’s many blunders?
Which politicians will profit from the virus? Many popular brands have taken a huge hit.

Will a Conservative grocery store magnate increase his already considerable power?

Will Todd replace Lisa as MPP with Joe Varner and Terry Kilrea running his campaign?

Real estate agents are hurting too! Bike-taxi passengers still smiling near Kurt’s place.

Which Bells Corners resident will be the first to die like Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion?

The nasty blogger  peddling Forsythia?

The ex-executive director of the Bells Corners BIA (Business Improvement Area) has a stern warning for Bells Corners residents: “Keep your social distance or else you’ll be dealing with us.”

No fun to be locked up (or locked down).

Where are Lisa and Joe when the chips are down?

Police hiding behind a billboard to catch speeders on the strip?

Traffic and scofflaw parking on Moodie between Hobart Senior Public High School and the Bells Corners mosque always irritates a few impatient drivers, especially on Fridays.

Now even the mosque has shut down. Will the imam preach virtually?

Smart marketing on Parish Avenue St. Jude Avenue.

Will the the Anglican Lord save us if we pray hard enough?

Will Rick’s Catholic God save us? He can’t even spell.
No praying here! Bells Corners’ oldest church to become a pot shop.

Tristan fumes.

Christian Filipino fans of the dictator outside their “church.” All places of worship closed. No need for the city to defer taxes since they don’t pay them.

Spanish and German are the top two third languages in Bells Corners, but Tagalog is the fastest-growing.

Bells Corners firefighters are answering the call and feeling the Bern.

Bells Corners teachers walk the picket lines crosswalks during recess before the shutdown.

Ford’s minister Lecce is too young to get the Polkeroo joke.

HPVOoO insiders in Westboro. The bench is sanitized after every bum.

From Barrhaven to Bells Corners: Rick’s favourite brewery opening soon.

Women’s Day at City Hall.

Statue of Liberty souvenir hat NOT for sale at the Salvation Army store.

Taxman delayed but he’ll be coming for you. Tax grab by the 1%?

FreshCo passengers correctly identified the guy with the beard.

A Canadian and an American agree: Trump is odious.

The woman voted Bernie.

Will @PoliticalHeads and @okayMarnie‘s next performance be in Bells Corners?

KABOOM! Traffic is light in Bells Corners but drivers still manage to crash.

Spectacular collisions happen on a daily basis.

Many of them are on the Bells Corners strip. Doug’s dad used to sign my pay cheques.

Bells Corners Barbershop relocates to the Randall’s plaza, Spahara moves to Kanata.

Bells Corners library closed for good?

Tax-subsidized unhealthy food for sale.

Tim Horton’s or Tim Hortons? Bell’s Corners, Bells Corner, bellscorners or Bells Corners?

Bike lane blocked!

Only busses can use the “bus box” but some drivers zoom through and butt in.

Mark’s forced to close. Finding a safe place to pee is becoming increasingly difficult.

Liquor store deemed an essential service.

Beer store and Kichesippi too!

Pizza Pizza still cranking out product.

Nutso prices on Priam: CBC traffic reporter sells his place after a fierce bidding war.

Many influential residents live on Priam.

Outdoor rink data will soon be available. Will the Lynwood rinks open next year? Grant?

Stillwater Creek residents are vulnerable, united and feisty.

Queer Corners scavenger hunt.

Easter all but cancelled? Free delivery. Bunnies!

Lisa is only partly right. Tom Green would approve.

Open but closed – Dinardo’s deemed an essential service.

Dollarama raking it in.

Bargains at Kardish in the Starbucks plaza? Rick on the run.

Will consuming expensive oatmeal keep you safe?

Free firewood if fossil fuels are in short supply! At the new musical chairs cars place.

Useful for building the Bells Corners wall to keep out the virus?

OCDSB teacher drops off dog biscuits and warm socks to a cheerful panhandler.

This woman gave him Dollarama popcorn and nuts.

This panhandler needs a longer pole.

Even Planet Bells Corners is closed!

A security guard is on duty 24/7.

Closed banks provide refuge for homeless Bells Corners residents.

Deranged anti-politician grabs the mic.

Embattled Ottawa councillor Rick Chiarelli reluctant to request leave again, tweet suggests

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  1. anonymous says:

    Erin and Ryan have left BCR as Admins. Discuss among yourselves.

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