the professor sounds the alarm

Rapid intensification is coming! Who will decide what form it will take?

Professor Barry Wellar’s warning: “We need free, easy, timely and direct online access to public records held by the City of Ottawa. I fear for the future of Bells Corners if we don’t hold developer-funded politicians like Rick Chiarelli and Allan Hubley accountable on Oct. 24. Read my report and take this municipal election VERY seriously.”

One more reason to vote Laine Johnson and heed Professor Wellar’s warnings. Vote here.

Should public records be public? Should politicians be held accountable?

Shame on Hubley and Chiarelli and other developer-funded career politicians.

Low walkability scores in red – without a car or a good bike you’re at the mercy of OC Transpo, not always a fun experience.

Parking lot party at the Bells Corners FreshCo!

The 2019 parking lot party was lots of fun!

Team Laine Johnson gives us hope.

Westcliffe house built in 1972 for sale.

Home prices in Bells Corners.

Laine Johnson getting a warm reception at the door in Bells Corners.

Derecho cleanup insurance woes after storm flattens Bells Corners.

Afghan refugees in Bells Corners looking for affordable housing.

Williams Park.

Lynwood Manor.

Two Catholic pastors go for a spin on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.

Death toll mounts at for-profit retirement homes and long-term care warehouses.

Crisis at posh for-profit Chartwell Stillwater Creek: severe shortage of staff and resources.

Privatizing health care courtesy of dishonest politicians Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod.

At the thrift stores plaza a carless 86-year-old Bellwood resident is on the list for affordable housing.

Binh-Go gone for good: abandoned heritage chip wagon at the Bel-Air Motel off to the landfill.

Monster hedge at the Lynwood Park tennis courts gets a haircut.

Public or privatized?

Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi at SuzyQ’s.

Kimberley Court apartments across from the Bells Corners fire station.

No surprise that the Moodie LRT station, slated to open in 2025, will be at least a year late.

Mike Maguire has another kick at the can.

On Aug. 19 at 2:00 (deadline to sign up or drop out) we’ll know to what extent vote-splitting will determine the outcome in many races for council (mayor, College, Kanata South, etc.)

Vote here (and on Oct. 24).

Mr. Rogers going door-to-door in Lynwood Village

Free rides and fun at the FreshCo Bells Corners Bash on Sunday Aug. 14.

Special celebrity guests!

Free fun!

Free rides!

#OttBikeSocialThursdays at 7:00

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