Greenbelt gobbled, part 2

The “flawed” light rail plan railroaded through City Hall today means that a huge Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) will be constructed near Moodie and the Queensway on NCC land. But where? How much more Greenbelt gobbling will happen?
Look at the MSF under construction on Belfast – it’s big!
Here’s where the MSF was supposed to go before the sudden change in plans. You can see why local residents didn’t want it there – apart from the noise it would have wiped out most of the green space in this rectangle between Woodroffe and Merivale.
Locations 1 and 2 seem too small and are very soggy. Location 3 is on Wesley Clover land – I can’t see it going there. So maybe Location 4 on the south side of the Queensway?

It would be a pretty tight turn but maybe the trains could use the existing rail Trans Canada Trail/underpass used by a couple of trains a day?
The land in question is fertile agricultural land and an important bird sanctuary according to the guy at Maple Hill Urban Farm.
Wonder what the NCC thinks?
A tame City Hall “consultation” Wed. March 1 might shed a bit of light on what the politicians aren’t telling us.

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