Superman tie

Bike-taxi passengers heading to the BBQ.

Newlyweds from Gatineau brunching at Zola’s. Beaming mother of the bride.

A sunny Sunday on Forester.

Community police officer at the dog rescue BBQ.

Dog days of summer.

Harley’s Homemade Treats: only “human grade” ingredients.

Riley the Raccoon bummed a ride on the free bike-taxi.

The Sens may ship Spartacat to the minors and call up Riley.

This kid wanted to drop the gloves.

Riley moonlights as the Ca$hMoney kangaroo…

…and the BMO Bear.

Bells Corners going to the dogs?

Mayor Watson gets a $5 body rub.

The mayor’s chauffeur keeps Jim on schedule. He was giving out CIBC Canada 150 pins.

Police kept a watchful eye on the Trumpish mayor.

Smooth sailing on the Bells Corners active transportation corridor.

Watch your step! Danger! Bike-lane ends.

Sharp-tongued downsized Sun columnist Susan Sherring rips into politicians for stealing from the public purse.

On her new blog Sherring mocks Hubley for buying a Superman tie. Politicians love to spend our taxes on cool swag to self-promote and award each other medals.

Hope Sue will be just as nasty with her political friends for shamelessly ripping off the taxpayer.

Lots of square feet for the psychic fair.



You can get a photo of your aura at the psychic fair.

Is the Bells Corners tennis club public or private?

Like the fake Westcliffe and Lynwood community associations, it’s private with a thin veneer of public.

Edible lawn before.

Edible lawn after.

Yum! Everyone loves the Hedge Brothers.

Are front lawns on Sanibel big enough for mature trees?

New trees at the mosque.

Handsome new sign.
How about that Guy guy?

No more Tom!

Lots of fresh air seating in the Westcliffe plaza.

Swinging for the fences near Bell Arena.

Everyone welcome!

Paul volunteering at the Presbyterian church on Old Richmond Road.

Cycling advocate and community volunteer gets his just desserts.

Places of worship don’t pay property taxes.

57 Cherrywood in Lynwood Village, $469,900.

36 Cherrywood, $499,900.

Not your parents’ Lynwood Village bungalow.

Com(mission)Free: only a flat fee of a few hundred dollars.

Bells Corners home prices.

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