Westcliffe whackiness

Part of the charm of Bells Corners is our homemade signs.
Spelling mistakes just add to the charm.
Sheermal (Persian: شیرمال‎), is a saffron-flavored traditional Persian flatbread made in Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.
Even our election signs are funky.
Maybe a little TOO funky? Don’t worry, I’ll be cleaning up soon.
Maybe everyone should pitch in when something needs cleaning up?
Slick corporate mass-produced signs, especially if they’re iconic, add visual interest to the strip – how long have these golden arches been on display?
This is kind of creative for a McDonald’s temporary sign.
FREE buffet? Hmmm, there must be a catch.
This is the most expensive sign in Bells Corners – the design work alone was $3K!
It was paid for by a levy on all local businesses, the infamous Lewis/Chiarelli tax.
I guess it won’t be installed at its permanent location until the error is fixed.
Will the golden thistle-sign be on display at the BIA tree-lighting extravanganza in the Electrical and Plumbing parking lot?
Who else will be there?
Will Rick be dressed as Santa/Superman to hand out taxpayer-funded swag with Betty and Nancy as his elves?
Will former top cop Senator Vern White help Kurt emcee?

Will there be a celebrity pie-eating contest?
Will it be catered by the Cock and Bull?
The Wed. Dec. 3 LVCA AGM should be even more entertaining than last year’s curious event. If you enjoyed the all-candidates debate at the Westcliffe community building you’ll LOVE the Lynwood Park reality show.
Will Rick bring former WECA kingpin Jordan and his cousin Darryl again?
Jordan is not the only ambitious wannabe politician Rick has groomed over the years. There’s also Mike Patton, Jay Tysick, Alex Lewis, Nancy Cairns, John Baird (?), Betty Nukem and a host of others. Will Tristan be next? 🙂
Will City heavies Fremp and Big Al make another guest appearance in Lynwood Park? Nancy? Lida? The girls? Greg Dack? Carlos? Bubbles? An investigative journalist like Earl McRae or Joanne Chianello? Who knows? Come early, as seating is limited.
What the heck is going on in Westcliffe? LOTS of whackiness in WECA-land.
Only four board members and three ordinary residents showed up for the AGM! Well short of the 20-member quorum required by the routinely-ignored by-laws (posted below as a public service). I guess ordinary residents who somehow heard of the event weren’t wild about the idea of paying $10 to listen to a couple of dry reports.
As usual the almost-blank “official WECA website” and the “official WECA Facebook group” provide few clues: mostly ads and plugs, some more subtle than others. My guess:
Westcliffe residents, here is your Board dining out on the taxpayer’s dime: Bill, Catherine (absent), Terrilyn and Rick. Adam and Allie and all the others seem to have retired.
Only a handful of Westcliffe residents are WECA members. Maybe 30 people cough up the $10? Hmmm, no revenue from advertising? Odd.
“Activities” seems kind of vague. Rick funded the Fun Day with his slush fund, so it must be for something else.

1.1 The name of this organization shall be the WESTCLIFFE ESTATES COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as THE ASSOCIATION.

The purpose of the Association shall be:
2.1 To foster a good community spirit in the sub- division known as Westcliffe Estates.
2.2 To sponsor social and/or recreational activities, programs and projects for and on behalf of the community of Westcliffe Estates.
2.3 To co-ordinate community relations with governmental bodies, organizations and other associations.

3.1 Association membership is open to adult residents, 18 years of age and over, of Westcliffe Estates. Membership shall be per household including all family members. Memberships are not transferable. Residents of neighbouring areas may, at the discretion of the Association Executive, be invited to become members.
3.2 A member is any person residing in a household which has paid the annual membership fee.
3.3 Memberships are valid for the period from and including the first of September to the thirty-first of August, annually.
3.4 The amount of the annual membership fee shall be determined by the incumbent executive.
3.5 Membership entitles adult residents to be nominated to an executive position.

4.1 The business of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee, which shall be comprised of the following officers:
President Treasurer
Past President Secretary
Vice-President Five (5) Directors
4.2 Executive Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Articles 3.5 and 6.1.5. The term of office for the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be one (1) year (from one Annual General Meeting to the next). The term of office for a Director shall be two (2) years.
4.3 Duties of executive office shall be as specified in By-Law 1.
4.4 If an Executive office becomes vacant, the Executive Committee may appoint an association member to serve for the remainder of the term of said office.
4.5 Not more than one (1) association member per household may serve on the Executive at any one time.
4.6 Any Executive/Director position not voted on at a General or Special Meeting, will be retained by the incumbent for one (1) year.

5.1 The Association Executive is authorized to make expenditures on behalf of the Association. All expenditures and donations must be approved at an Executive and/or General meeting prior to being transacted.
5.2 Any two (2) of the President, Vice-President and Treasurer shall have signing authority for the Associations bank accounts.
5.3 An independent audit of the Associations’ accounts shall be performed at the request of a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting. The independent Audit will be available at a special meeting called for that purpose.

6.1 General and Special Meetings
6.1.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held during the month of September, at a place and time to be set by the incumbent executive. Members shall receive at least fourteen (14) days clear notice of the date, time and location of the Annual General Meeting.
6.1.2 The order of the business at the Annual General Meeting shall be:
1) Roll Call
2) Minutes and matters arising
3) Presidents Report
4) Financial Report
5) Sub-Committee’s Report(s)
6) Amendments to Constitution and/or By-Laws
7) Election of Association Executive Officers
8) Any other business
9) Adjournment
6.1.3 A Special General Meeting shall be convened at the request of a majority of the Association Executive or by petition of at least twenty (20) association members. The request or petition shall specify the agenda of the meeting and no other business shall be transacted except with the unanimous consent of the meeting. Members shall receive at least seven (7) days clear notice of the date, time and location of the Special General Meeting.
6.1.4 At all General and Special Meetings a quorum of twenty (20) members shall be required in order to conduct business.
6.1.5 Each adult member of a paid up household in attendance at a General or Special Meeting shall be entitled to one (1) vote. Votes may not be cast in absentia.
6.1.6 At all General and Special meetings of the Association, a majority vote of members present is required for the approval of ordinary business.
6.1.7 The Chairperson shall not vote on any matter before the Meeting, except in the case of a tied vote.

6.2 Executive Committee Meetings
6.2.1 Executive Committee Meetings shall be called by the President as he/she deems necessary. Any four (4) Executive members may cause an executive meeting to be called.
6.2.2 At all Executive Meetings a quorum of half of the Executive officers shall be required in order to conduct business.
6.2.3 Each Executive shall be entitled to one (1) vote. The Chairperson shall have only a casting vote.
6.2.4 Executive Committee Meetings shall be open to Street Representatives, as non-voting participants.

7.1 Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
7.2 Amendments to the Constitution requires approval of two thirds (2/3) of the members present at the meeting.
7.3 Amendments to the By-Laws requires approval of a majority of the members present.
7.4 The Executive shall notify members of all proposed Amendments it has received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting and shall have copies of all other proposed Amendments received after this date, available at the meeting.


1.1. President
1.1.1 The President shall act as chief executive officer and spokesperson of the Association.
1.1.2 The President shall preside at all General and Executive meetings, ensuring that they are conducted in an orderly and efficient manner with the rights of individual members protected.
1.1.3 The President shall co-ordinate the activities of the Association and ensure that other executive and/or committee members carry out their responsibilities.
1.1.4 The President shall ensure that decisions of the Executive and motions carried at General Meetings are implemented.
1.1.5 The President is authorized to sign cheques and authorize expenditures in accordance with Article 5 of the Constitution.

1.2. Vice President
1.2.1 The Vice President shall carry out any of the duties of the President in the absence of or at the latter’s request, and shall assist the President in any manner that will facilitate the business of the Association.
1.2.2 The Vice President shall carry out special assignments as determined by the Executive.
1.2.3 The Vice President is authorized to sign cheques and authorize expenditures in accordance with Article 5 of the Constitution.

1.3. Secretary
1.3.1 The Secretary shall keep official records of the Association and record proceedings at all meetings.
1.3.2 The Secretary shall correspond and receive correspondence on behalf of the Association and inform the Executive of correspondence received.
1.3.3 The Secretary shall maintain membership records of the Association.
1.3.4 The Secretary shall act as presiding officer when both the President and Vice President are absent.
1.3.5 The Secretary shall, upon request of the President, give notice of all General and Executive Meetings.

1.4. Treasurer
1.4.1 The Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the Association and deposit said monies in a chartered bank in the name of the Association.
1.4.2 The Treasurer shall report at General and Executive meetings, the state of the finances of the Association.
1.4.3 The Treasurer shall sign cheques, issue petty cash and pay bills as authorized by the Executive in accordance with Article 5 of the Constitution.
1.4.4 The Treasurer shall prepare, each year, a full financial state¬ment and balance sheet showing the state of the Association’s finances for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
1.4.5 The Treasurer shall keep full account of all receipts and dis¬bursements of Association funds in books belonging to the Association.

1.5. Directors
1.5.1 The duties of Executive Directors shall be determined by the Executive Committee and shall normally include such functions as chairing special committees, co-ordinating membership drives and special canvasses, organizing and controlling social and recreational activities, investigating complaints and problems referred by Association members to the Executive.

1.6. Past President
1.6.1 The Past-President shall provide guidance, knowledge and support to the Executive.

1.7. General
1.7.1 All officers, on terminating their post, shall pass on to the new Executive, all papers, books, documents and monies belonging to the Association. All official documents are deemed the property of the Association, and are to be held as archives.

2.1 The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint or remove Association members in the capacity of Street Represent¬atives.
2.2 A Street Representative may only be appointed or removed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
2.3 Street Representatives shall assist the Executive in any manner that will facilitate the communication or information between the Executive Committee and the membership at large.

3.1 The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint and dismiss committees for special purposes as they see fit.

4.1 The Executive Committee may make emergency rulings on any matter not explicitly covered at any time. Such rulings shall have effect for one (1) term only and may be subject to redirection by the Association membership at the next Annual General Meeting.
amendeds as presented: AGM September 2001

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