Halloween terror in Bells Corners

Arbeatha lawn: Halloween is always a frightening time in Bells Corners!

Scary news: four more years of sleazy Rick and wasteful Watson.

I had a terrifying encounter with Rick’s taxpayer-funded sign guy Darryl Chiarelli late on Election Eve.

He was patrolling his College ward turf to protect some of his biggest assets and sabotage his opponents.

Darryl boasted that his cousin would get at least 65%, with Emilie and Ryan sharing the leftovers. Wrong!

Emilie won Westcliffe while Rick won Lynwood. In Westcliffe, Emilie had 46 percent, Rick had 39 percent and Ryan 14 percent. In Lynwood, Rick had 42 percent, Emilie had 37 percent and Ryan 20 percent.

Overall the results are very similar to the last provincial election where the conservatives won a fake majority with 40 percent while the two progressive parties split the vote.

Voting for a name: how many Doug Ford supporters see the ballot.

With ranked choice voting Emilie would have won, no?

I can explain.

We could have done better. Maybe in 2022?

Rob Campbell’s plate is full. So happy he won!

Stay tuned for big OCDSB scoops.

FreshCo shelves empty post-tornado. Todd can only do so much.

Should silver foxes be part of the dialogue?

Free bike-taxi ride to Halloween at the United Church.

Halloween on the strip.

On Putt Above sacred ground.

Chez Scotty.

Election bump for my #bellscorners blog.

100% d’accord, mon Richard.

Fooling the people.

Fake community a$$ociation deploys its ill-gotten gains for gigantic concrete balls.
Couple of hundred thousand tax dollars at work? Is this tennis club public or private?

Paving paradise at Bell HS.

Building the Bells Corners Wall to close off access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Bells Corners pot to be available here?

A politician spells it out. Should Rick opt out?

Fixing the crumbling bricks at the Scottish store in Jay’s plaza.

Putting the finishing touches on the dome at the Bells Corners mosque.

A giant crane will lift it into place before the snow flies.

New pawn shop by the baby ultrasound place.

Poppy time!

Spare a quarter?

Black Forest Lane siding workers go for a spin on the Bells Corners Free Bike-taxi.

Westcliffe trick or treating.

Don’t be fooled as the Salvation Army store closes.

Bells Corners Public School drivers.

Call for a ride.

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