they paved paradise…

Plant exchange at the Centennial library.

Peter is a community volunteer who loves Bells Corners.

He’s been maintaining the landscaping¬†at the library for many years.

He also beautified the grounds at Our Lady of Peace for over a decade, but the Catholic board has told him to stop a Catholic board employee acted poorly and was backed up by the administration.

Maybe it was a bad day, who knows? But a simple apology would suffice and would be of great benefit to the board, the community, the school and (most importantly) the kids.

Peter also planted and maintained native trees, shrubs and flowers at Bell HS, but the board is cutting the trees down to build a new parking lot on the front lawn of the school.

The old parking lot is where the new gym for Moodie students will be built.

Now you see it, now you don’t. The flagpole at the Shia community centre is gone.

Vandals kept stealing the flag.

Sign vandalism as Lisa and Doug Ford grab for power.

James and Zaff popular in Westcliffe?

Lovina in Bells Corners. Vote here.

Vandals destroyed newly planted trees in Lynwood Park.

Some of the destroyed saplings have been replaced.

Private tennis on public land?

Hear those bells? Look sharp if you have a dull blade.

Pallet patio where Conservatives piped in the haggis.
Salvation Army store to close in November to make way for the tax-subsidized Hilton.

The Sally Ann store will be in the beer store plaza after Fortinet moves out.

Unique bikes at Rob Ford’s Liquid Gym.

Stillwater resident adds lime to improve the grass along the strip.

Rick, Ryan or Emilie?

Motorcycle fun at the heritage Bel-Air.

Daddy’s dead but his Lynwood Village houses live on.

Home prices in Bells Corners.

City workers filling potholes.

Do potholes slow down speeding traffic?

Cheerful recycler.

Bike-taxi passengers on the Ridgefield speedway.

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  1. saneclairvoyance says:

    Anyone who attended Bell High in 1973 know how to obtain the digitized yearbook or a hard copy? Please contact j

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