true charity, part 2

About 900 people turned out for this year’s Bells Corners food truck rally, down from 4000 last year.
Most came by car.
Friendly paramedics were on duty.
A living wage and food security should be a basic human right. Until that day comes food banks (some public, some run by religious organizations) fill in the gaps.
The rain hurt the bottom line but this year’s food truck rally still netted $2700 before expenses. The event was heavily subsidized by tax dollars and corporate profits, so the FAMSAC shelves in the Local Heroes plaza will be well-stocked.
Politicians love to be thanked in public for “donating” to their preferred charities. It’s not THEIR money of course.
True charity is anonymous and is not done for personal or political gain.
Many prefer to get more bang for their charitable buck by donating to the public food bank instead.
A priority at the Kanata food bank is paying attention to healthy nutrition – should food banks be distributing unhealthy junk foods heavy in sugar and salt?
No wonder obesity is such a huge problem in Bells Corners.
Properties outlined in purple were sold between 2012 and 2015.
Some info on selling prices is available online but in Ottawa (unlike many other places) only real estate agents have access to all the details.
If you could just google selling prices (like in Nova Scotia or Florida) real estate agents wouldn’t be able to charge such bloated commissions.
The Competition Bureau is hoping to end the real estate industry’s anti-competitive monopoly, so the gravy train could be ending soon.
The Spa in the 19th century.
Did you know that the couple who own the Spa in Bells Corners have two other locations?
This one’s in Kanata.
The Jamaica location.
Nothing parked in Bells Corners yet.
But car-sharing is coming to Bells Corners.
New business in Wallach’s space.
Don’t forget to signal.

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3 Responses to true charity, part 2

  1. JT says:

    The living wage debate is interesting.

    – How much is a living wage? It depends on where you live and a lot of other factors but in Ontario it would be at least $15/hr. Currently it’s $11.25.

  2. Robert Carroll says:

    A living wage depends on how you choose to live. I have never made $15/hr. in my entire life!

    I own a home in Bells Corners, have a vehicle etc. and all I really need.

    Frugal, modest, humble spending habits and a practical approach to life will make a low income go much farther than many seem to think it will.

  3. Larry says:

    Beware this “Neighborly” Charity Fraud

    Charity fraud come in many guises, and clever scammers are constantly inventing new “twists” on old routines.

    They also know that certain scams are harder to resist. After all, it’s one thing to screen telemarketers, delete suspicious emails and toss out junk mail, but quite another to refuse appeals from wide-eyed students “raising money for sick children.”

    And it’s even harder to turn down a “student” who’s one of your neighbors, right?

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