Bells Corners swears

$38,000,000 worth of controversial road-widening gobbles the Greenbelt.

Enabling suburban sprawl and developer profits.

Montreal-style bike-taxi.

Ottawa-style homemade bike-taxi.

The 1% love Rick-the-liar and get a nice return on their investment.

Ardeth for mayor of Bells Corners to clean up the corruption and amp up the fun.

Disgraced developer-funded mayor comes out of the closet.

More Bells Corners gaieté.

Bells Corners home prices up 10% in a year.
“Community” board at Loblaws.

Fools in Lynwood Park.
Zellers saga continues.

Zellers redux.

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1 Response to Bells Corners swears

  1. Jayme says:

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say no to development in the core and no to expanding roads.

    Rental vacancy rate downtown 0.05% with fewer than 1000 houses for sale and 10,000 people looking.

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