anyone for pizza?

Lynwood Rez: Where’s the best pizza in Bells Corners? We’re still ordering from our old place in Kanata. Mort’s looks kind of interesting. Thoughts?

The best pizza in Bells Corners is at my house when one of my daughters is home and decides to concoct a Vegetarian Special – whole-grain crust, exotic healthy vegetables, interesting spices and not heavy with saturated-fat cheese.

The only commercial Bells Corners pizza I’ve had is from Pizza Pizza (okay), Cock & Bull (not bad, especially on Tuesdays, half-price day) and Pizza Hut (too greasy). I’ve been in Mort’s a couple of times – it seems like a comfy and friendly place but I can’t vouch for the food.

Actually, I shouldn’t knock Pizza Pizza – they provided, at a substantial discount, the pizza we gave out to hockey players at last year’s Hockey Day in Ottawa event.

If I were rolling the dice I’d try this guy, as he says his ingredients are always fresh and you’ll definitely get a superior product compared to the big chains like East Side Mario’s, Local Heroes, Pizza Pizza, etc.

He also told me that Pizza Pizza and a lot of other pizza peddlers in Bells Corners are not doing too well. He blames the fact that more and more cash-strapped time-pressed consumers, influenced by the numerous tv ads of the type “it tastes just like take-out!” are just buying inferior highly-processed pseudo-pizzas from the big box supermarkets.

As a small independent businessman the Prima Pizza guy doesn’t have the corporate advertising and gimmicks to drum up business. He probably can’t afford it anyway after paying the Chiarelli BIA tax, dealing with theft and vandalism (punks throwing a rock through his window and running off with huge blocks of cheese) and struggling with rising rents and taxes.

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4 Responses to anyone for pizza?

  1. Brad says:

    I seem to always end up ordering from Joe’s Pasta & Pizza near Bayshore. I’ve tried calling Prima Pizza 4 or 5 times, but nobody ever answers either of the phones.

    – When I lived near Andrew Haydon Park we used to order pizza from Joe’s, the vegetarian two-for-one special. So much thick cheese piled on it! I wondered how he could sell it so cheap. It was DEFINITELY delicious. The guy in the store was super-friendly at the time – don’t know if it’s the same people. The guy in Prima Pizza has been there for about 20 years I think!

  2. wanderer says:

    We’ll give him a try. Local is always good, and Pizza Hut is tiresome after a while.

  3. Bradley Olson says:

    We were ordering from Mort’s (used to be called Bell’s – I believe their delivery service may still be called Bell’s Pizza) for years, and we were VERY happy with the quality of their pizza and their service. Several months ago, however, something seemed to change and their pizza was no longer nearly as good as it had been (maybe a change in their dough recipe?).

    Anyways, since then, we’ve been ordering from Gabriel’s Pizza and have been happy customers. In my own opinion, it’s better than Mort’s/Bell’s (even before their pizza mysteriously changed for the worse). Great pizza, delivery time to Bells Corners is no more than 40 minutes, sometimes less, and they have a number of locations all across Ottawa. I believe it’s the Kanata location on 62 Stonehaven that delivers to Bells Corners, but I could be wrong.

    – All things things being equal I’d order from a local business. And I wouldn’t give up on Mort’s/Bell’s – crust preferences are subjective. I shouldn’t be defending Mort’s because I’ve never tasted their pizza (although I did once try their lasagna, which was excellent!). Mike said the food is great there, and he’s a connoisseur. I have a soft spot for them because of their generous support for the Fun Day, etc.

  4. ottawaowl says:

    Pizza Hut is tiresome after a while.

    – What do you think of the new decor? Sort of cool, I guess, red/black/minimalist, but it somehow seems creepy to me. So sad to see it empty most of the time – so much competition for our Bells Corners pizza bucks!

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