Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi (no tipping allowed)

If you want to book a ride on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi just email me or phone 613 518-2107.

Here’s the deal: I’ll pick up and drop off anywhere in Bells Corners. There’s no catch – it’s FREE (tipping is not allowed). I can take up to three people at a time.
Eleven years and counting…
If you’ve been a passenger on the bike-taxi your photo might be here.fillespower2
Safety comes first (four eccentric laid-off ex-Nortel engineers have given the bike-taxi the thumbs-up). I pilot with great care, sometimes using the sidewalks if that’s the safest route on the strip, which is technically illegal. But don’t worry, if the police stop us, passengers won’t be fined, and even the pilot will only get a warning. And we won’t be mowing down any pedestrians – the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi is always slow and courteous when pedestrians are encountered (if speed is of the essence in reaching your destination you better go with a carbon-burner).

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2 Responses to Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi (no tipping allowed)

  1. wanderer says:

    We plan to email you this week to experience your delightful bike-taxi. I only live a few blocks from you (Elmsley), and it should be great fun.
    Thanks for the invitation.

    – Some folks at the Lynwood Park Lodge went for a spin today.

  2. tJ says:

    Can you pick me up now?

    – Sure, I’d be glad to. Where are you, where are you going, and how many passengers? Do any of them weigh more than 350 pounds? Is the route uphill?

    Normally I cover Bells Corners but that’s NOT an iron law.

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