musical cars

Cars on the move on the Westcliffe part of the car-centric Bells Corners strip.

Hyundais will move to Jan Harder’s kingdom.
The Nissans will replace the Hyundais, vacating the space they leased from Tony Graham.

The brewery will have a beer garden to attract cyclists.

Yet another drive-thru restaurant will go beside the call centre, subsidized by City taxes. 
Watering the balls.

Great ice in Westcliffe Park on the March 16/17 weekend!

Bells Corners West boasts two of the city’s top rink operators.

A local hero.

Fresh air, exercise and character-building at low cost to the taxpayer.

Everyone’s welcome.

In Bells Corners two out of three residents drive.

Way more traffic through the Greenbelt to serve the sprawl.

The Moodie light rail station has been delayed until 2025 at the earliest.
Corkstown Road eastbound is to be closed permanently to private vehicles. The community association is on the case.
Planet Bells Corners.

A missed opportunity or snake oil?

Using what’s already there: commuter rail with a Bells Corners station.

Older Adult bench near the new thrift stores.

Another wrecked bench at the library.

Younger adults like  benches too.

Everyone likes to take a load off on a Bells Corners bench.

Dragonfly Park near the FreshCo.

Places of worship and libraries don’t pay property taxes.

Community Loblaws Board.Voting can be FUN! Vote here.

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