homeless people colonize Bells Corners

There are lots of places to camp, so the homeless population of Bells Corners skyrockets in the summer. It might seem like a hard life, living hand to mouth and lugging your worldly possessions around with you all day.
It’s easier if you have a shopping cart, like this guy spotted in the Starbucks plaza.
His Zellers cart contained his tent, his sleeping bag, spare socks, the novel he’s currently reading, and his diary.
But the shopping cart gravy train may be coming to an end. The impending City crackdown will make life much more difficult for homeless people, who will have to carry their stuff or just leave it in the Greenbelt and hope it doesn’t get looted.
The new bylaw will hit residents and consumers in “ten urban wards within the Greenbelt” – Bells Corners is in Ward #8 on the map, so presumably we’re included, even if it’s not clear if we’re inside or outside of the Greenbelt. Is Bells Corners more like Westboro or Barrhaven?
The FreshCo, Loblaws, Giant Tiger people are NOT amused with Rick’s new bylaw – shopping cart inventory shrinkage is already a HUGE problem.
If the bylaw people tax the supermarkets even more heavily they’ll have to pass on the increased costs to the consumer. The price of bananas could double.
Homeless people sometimes pitch their tents on the strip if the woods are getting too crowded.
It’s a bit noisy but comfortable enough, and you can sometimes get free WiFi from a nearby fast food place. This guy is obviously NOT your ordinary homeless person – he used to be on top of the world before Nortel crashed and burned. Now he would even settle for a minimum-wage job.
BC briefs
Dairy Queen gets a facelift – not everyone likes the A&W colour scheme.
The red parasols are nice though.
It’s a cool place to suck back a cone on a muggy day while watching the passing parade on the strip.
What’s this guy doing?
He’s preparing to tow a HUGE mobile home – the owner couldn’t pay his gas bill so his vehicle was confiscated.
I usually spend at least $10 on an eyebrow wax, so I’m glad this business just opened up.
Too bad about the Gaia Java closing – they tried to inject some class into the BC coffee scene.
The Tim Hortons/Rick Chiarelli juggernaut crushed them – their dream lasted barely a year.
Would you like a hamburger with that?
It’s “free.”
Nothing like free stuff – John Baird and the Duffster would agree!

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3 Responses to homeless people colonize Bells Corners

  1. guest says:

    Of late I have seen several homeless people where I live, some with carts, others just stumbling along, as well as others sitting on the bench at Winners asking for a cigarette.

    I now dread visiting the Winners mall. It’s embarrassing, especially when I have a friend tag along. She tells me this wouldn’t be allowed at her local mall.

  2. margaret says:

    these old maps are really interesting … thanks for sharing
    got any more old photos? … maybe you need to do an historical section on just these pics/maps
    we only came to BC in 1970 so before our time but still interesting

    no Kmart / Loblaws / Zellers
    but the Lynwood centre was there and CDC
    and old Nepean township / later city hall
    no westcliffe
    no new lynwood
    even old lynwood was not finished
    and the catholic school and church were only just built
    surprised to see the trailer park was already there – didn’t realize that
    wonder what’s with the townhouses across from St. Martin’s with the black squiggly lines ?

    although not on this map … does any one remember the old BC airport / landing strip ?

  3. Bob says:

    Any truth to the Facebook rumour that the Cock and Bull is closing shortly?

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