Tom Green’s Bells Corners connections

Tom Green on the Bells Corners bike-taxi.

A different Tom at the Burger Shack.

Save the Château Laurier?

Tom Green’s dad, a celebrity in his own right.

MPs Mona Fortier, Catherine McKenna.

Clowncillor Guy Annable ran against Rick Chiarelli in 2014.

The Redblacks’ linebacker coach.

The funniest Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election candidate.

ICookPhoYou Tom Green fan.

Aviator food truck at the heritage Bel-Air motel.

Bells Corner (sic) Auto beautifies the strip.

Leaving Bells Corners.

Tying the knot at the Best Western?

Fortieth birthday party.

High Fives at the Bells Corners Best Western.

Powerlifting champ at the FreshCo.
Affordable, friendly and competent bike repair.stin2
Virgil infill.
Spraying catch basins to keep down the mosquitoes.

New Lynwood Village resident in the neighbourhood.

Shortage of affordable housing.

Daughter-granddaughter-grandmother, from Montreal and Cape Breton.

Golfing on the strip.

Formerly Caribbean Delights, Firecracker Man etc.

Pool accessories.

Greenbelt gobbling on Old Richmond Road.

Corridors for small Stoney Swamp animals to limit roadkill on the new highway.

Big enough for turtles, small mammals, etc.

Free ride from the library to the Subway.

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