Heroic Avenue?

Even though the Lloyd Francis fiasco blew up in his face, Councillor Chiarelli refuses to admit defeat and is bravely fighting on for his developer friends. He’s pulling out all the stops to save his political hide.

Here are the ‘choices’ for RC’s NEXT expensive renaming exercise, getting rid of the other part of Richmond Rd. in Bells Corners, between the Pizza Hut and the United Church, passing by the Centennial Library:

Please select one option from the following list:

– Heroic Avenue?

– Parish Avenue?

– St. Jude Avenue?

– Old Richmond Road?

If you live along Richmond Road then you probably already have your ballot.

Don’t bother sending it in – it’s another done deal – it’s going to be Old Richmond Road for you guys, whether you like it or not.

Don’t you wish that you had a fifth box that you could tick off- “none of the above, spend our tax dollars on something not quite so DUMB”

The councillor has been telling people privately that he’s settled on Old Richmond Road, and the other three names are just to pander to the firefighters and the Christian churches.

Heroic Avenue is a nod to the firefighters. RC would LOVE it if first responders would back up his wild “safety issues concern” to justify his Lloyd Francis Boulevard folly. Talk to first responders privately to see what they really think.

Only the people who own or rent on Richmond Rd. got a ballot, but if other people in Bells Corners want a say, it can’t hurt to contact Natalie Persaud natalie.Persaud@ottawa.ca

You can phone her at 613-580-2424 ext. 12681 or drop in to her Centrepointe office.

You can send a letter too, but the deadline is this Thursday, so act fast!

You can also contact the mayor, other councillors, journalists, etc. if you want to go to the mattresses over this latest RC boondoggle.

The key people to email are katherine.hobbs@ottawa.ca (Westboro), jim.watson@ottawa.ca, mark.taylor@ottawa.ca (Crystal Beach) and allan.hubley@ottawa.ca (Kanata) and I guess rick.chiarelli@ottawa.ca (Centrepointe).

Planning Committee
peter.hume@ottawa.ca jan.harder@ottawa.ca stephen.blais@ottawa.ca reiner.bloess@ottawa.ca katherine.hobbs@ottawa.ca allan.hubley@ottawa.ca bob.monette@ottawa.ca mark.taylor@ottawa.ca shad.qadri@ottawa.ca rick.chiarelli@ottawa.ca

You can also make your choice in this poll
Richmond Road between the Pizza Hut and the United Church

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3 Responses to Heroic Avenue?

  1. margaret says:

    You must be joking … another last minute notification to supposedly make a choice.

    When will they get their act together ?

    What’s needed first is a plan for the community, with community input, and then look at name changes if needed.

    – A community design plan is coming, but it’ll no doubt be more RC smoke and mirrors.

  2. Rich Littleton says:

    I give RC credit for having one of his fartcatchers crack open the street index of a Pathfinder map book to discover that there’s already a ‘Valou Driver’ in the east end, hence ‘Heroic Boulevard’ for the west.

    Another possible name for that stretch could be “Soup and Two Hotdogs Lane” in honour of the firefighters’ favourite mid-morning snack. Mix in a salad and some fresh fruit and keep the hallway to the back door happy.

    – You obviously have inside knowledge. Do they have shuffleboard in the station, or just a putting green? Do they still slide down a pole? Can they find Robertson Road in Bells Corners?

  3. TonyL says:

    Just checked out the new RC page- this part really killed me!

    “Unfortunately, the simple renumbering is also not advisable from a commercial standpoint. For example, Canada Post will be redirecting mail using the former Richmond and Robertson addresses to the new addresses after the name and renumbering change. Many of these are businesses, medical, banks and investment firms dealing with personal and confidential information. Businesses, and customers cannot afford to have their information go to the wrong address.”

    Well, what do ya think changing the name of the strip is going to do, make it all magically okay? Canada Post is still going to be redirecting mail to Sir Lloyd Francis Drake Boulevard, or whatever the heck it’s called!

    – I asked a postie what he thought of the name change and all the extra work it’ll make for Canada Post. His answer was full of expletives, some of them quite raw.

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