what language parlez-vous? (answers)

What are the top languages in Bells Corners, other than English or French? (answers tomorrow but you can guess here)

Most Bells Corners residents have English as a mother tongue (80% in Lynwood, 74% in Westcliffe) while 7% of BC residents are native French-speakers.
Where is this Bells Corners home and why is it about to be demolished?

The NCC is “naturalizing” this home at 529 2675 Robertson Rd. after it suffered severe flooding. The house beside it is still occupied.

This house at 4052 New Old Richmond Rd., recently torched by the vandals, will also be naturalized by the NCC in the next two weeks. “Green demolitions will be carried out in order to reuse, recycle and reduce the materials that would normally end up in the landfill,” says the NCC officer.

Who is this guy and what is he doing?

He works for a sub-sub contractor who’s replacing the damaged steps at the back of the Lynwood community building.

Where is this gateway sign and how long will it last before someone either vandalizes it or takes it down?

It’s on the heads-are-going-to-roll bridge and it’ll probably last at least a week before one of the usual suspects trashes it.

What’s this dude doing?

He was sent by Northside Developments Inc. to correct the embarrassing mistake (an incorrect phone number) on the Gow Towers boutique-inspired condos sign.
Where can you get a free coffee?

Why are these guys running?

The Chinese high-tech employees from General Dynamics and the Fitzgerald enclave often use the lunch break to play soccer in Lynwood Park.

What is this City worker up to?

He’s replacing a tired 40km/h sign, which will probably be recycled. The sign boys were run off their feet replacing about $100,000 worth of perfectly good street signs thanks to Rick’s folly.
What is this woman doing?

She inserted a tube into the ground at Adrian’s old garage to see if the ground water is contaminated from the nastiness across the street. Shell will have to clean it up first if they want to turn it into a drive-thru rub & tug.
Did vandals set fire to the Lynwood community building?

No, the sub-sub contractor was just cutting the concrete steps.

What special events are taking place in Bells Corners on Halloween?

I’m going to win the $200 prize at Local Heroes by dressing up as the Vox sinkhole.

These tourists were eating at East Side Mario’s yesterday. What nationality are they?

Brits! They loved everything about their stay in Bells Corners, especially their bike-taxi tour of our many tourist attractions.
They loved our quaint Bells Corners cuisine but couldn’t find any decent bangers and mash.

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3 Responses to what language parlez-vous? (answers)

  1. margaret says:

    language other than English and French is Spanish and German …. amazing

    never could understand it in the first place, but the English vs. French % makes it even more strange that we should end up with a French high school in our community ….

    – The Bells Corners St. Paul needed more space, so the English Catholic school board was happy to swap buildings with Franco-Ouest, which wasn’t filling all the space at the time. I don’t think demographics factored into it at all.

    It’s sort of ironic that Franco-Ouest has expanded so much more rapidly than St. Paul’s – look at the huge number of portables and the expensive new addition. I wouldn’t be surprised if Franco-Ouest currently has MORE students than St. Paul’s, where there are apparently empty unused classrooms.

    Maybe the swap should never have happened, which would have made a lot of Catholic Bells Corners residents happy.

    from Wikipedia:
    Franco-ouest first opened to grade 8 and grade 9 students in September 1991 at 148 Meadowlands Dr West, in what was then the city of Nepean. It officially received the name of “Collège catholique Franco-Ouest” in December of that year. In 1992, the school received its students at the Sir John A. MacDonald building, on 2675 Draper avenue and taught grade 8 through 10 students. In 1994, teaching encompasses grade 11 and 12, and starting in 2001, 7th graders are admitted.

    In 1999, the school announced its move to its current location at 411 Seyton Dr., basically swapping with St. Paul’s High School that was operating there at the time.

    St. Paul High School:

    • margaret says:

      maybe the swap should never have happened – might be right there

      the community knows the reasoning behind it, but it was soon as bad, if not worse, with the number of portables … not to mention the bus situation … you should live in the area at bus time !!!!

      it never made sense taking the school/students OUT of the community and replacing them with a school that brought students IN – but we heard that funds were not available for that board to expand, but they were when franco-ouest moved in … interesting

      also the present school has never been a community school – just not the same feel as when it was St Paul

      it is interesting though listening to the students talking english rather than french (when they can get away with it)

      now I wonder why we don’t have a German or Spanish school !!!!!!!!

      – I know what it’s like there at “bus time” – amazing!

  2. ottawaowl says:

    The NCC would like to inform you that we will be completing green demolition and naturalization projects at the residential properties located at 4052 Old Richmond Road and 2675 (formerly 529) Robertson Road. These projects are being undertaken as part of the NCC’s commitment to securing the natural vocation of Greenbelt lands and as part of the lifecycle management for properties located within the boundaries of the Greenbelt .

    The works at 4052 Old Richmond Road will include removing the house, a fuel storage tank, decommissioning a septic field and well, removing debris such as a brick fire-pit and the remains of a fuel storage tank and a fence that surrounds the property.

    At 2675 Robertson Road , the project will include removing the house, a fuel storage tank and decommissioning a septic field. Only if it is unavoidable, several mature White Cedar trees may have to be removed, in order to proceed with the works. Should this be the case, two trees of indigenous species will be planted for each one removed.

    Work will start the week of October 29, 2012 and is scheduled to be completed by November 9, 2012. Activities will take place from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 5 pm. For the Old Richmond Road project, nearby residents may potentially be affected by noise, especially when equipment and machinery will be used. The Robertson Road property is isolated and no residents should be affected by the activities.

    The properties were evaluated by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office (FHBRO) and were confirmed to hold no acknowledged heritage value. In addition, no significant impact is expected on the environment, as there weren’t any ecosystems or flora species at risk identified on the sites.

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