abandoned bunnies

This friendly guy was doing great business today aerating Lynwood Village lawns for $60 a pop.
Easter bunnies for sale at Bayshore
Hundreds of rabbits bought as pets are abandoned shortly after Easter.
So maybe a chocolate rabbit from Louise’s Belgian Chocolates instead?
Grazie! has a Good Friday fish dinner, also available on Saturday and Easter Monday (closed Easter Sunday).
The Loblaws garden centre opened today.
This guy is back for his third season – he loves the job.
The Canadian Tire garden centre, first off the mark last year, will open soon.
Apparently the iconic Loblaws sign won’t be replaced when the store is rebranded as Great Food.
Great Food will be added in smaller letters.
Some new shelves were installed today as part of the preparations for the September changeover.
Some BC residents were laid off when the old Zellers closed and are now working at the new Zellers at a much lower wage.
Somebody used the new recycling centre as a bike rack.
This is a better place to park – Loblaws moved the rack away its old location blocking the emergency exit.
Many Bells Corners stores lack bike parking, but you can’t say that about the Canadian Tire! They have three new units plus the old Hooters rack.
Once the new sidewalks are done they will be “continuous” across the busy asphalt entrances, which will make pedestrians feel safer and may slow down the turning cars a bit.
Bells Corners is almost never mentioned in our “community” newspaper, available at Loblaws and the library.
You can also buy the Citizen, the Sun, the Globe, the National Post and the Star (but fewer and fewer people read paper newspapers – pity!).
Some think that single-serving coffeemakers are evil because of the extra non-recyclable packaging.
This guy from Handi-House was demonstrating fancy electric wheelchairs at the Stillwater Creek Retirement Community.
Bells Corners doubledecker
The old Lasalle building gutted
Not sure what these boxes are and why they were left open.
Easter at FreshCo
Yet another RedBox appears – bad news for our VideoFlicks?
This gent has logged ten years as crossing guard at Bell’s Corners.

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5 Responses to abandoned bunnies

  1. Fran Harrington says:

    I really hate to see pet shops selling Easter bunnies – as you say, most don’t stay as pets for long. I wish parents could understand that it might be cute for a while, but as they grow up, there’s a lot more work involved and the cuteness is gone. Hence, the abandonment and trip to the Humane Society. So sad. I had presumed that this was a thing of the past.

    They were really pushing the bunnies at Bayshore.
    This mom was under a lot of pressure to buy.
    PetSmart in Bells Corners doesn’t sell pets other than birds and turtles (although they can hook you up with a good pet to adopt).

    • Keeping Pets says:

      This is so true! Keeping a pet is a commitment, like adding another member in the family and if you think you can’t keep up with that then don’t ever buy a bunny as a gift for Easter. Kids would still appreciate if you give them goodies like egg-shaped chocolates, cookies or what have you.

    • Pammy Wallin ! says:

      I have found at least 17 abandoned rabbit cages hidden in the brush behind Evergreen Drive!

  2. Local Citizen says:

    Was taking Robertson Road to Kanata today and noticed that 3 of the 5 houses that were along the north side of the stretch have been demolished! What happened there? NCC?

    – Here’s what one of the houses looked like before the NCC demolished it.


    • margaret says:

      maybe the NCC is getting out of the housing business … on Richmond … sorry OLD Richmond … a few have disappeared there recently … maybe we’re getting really wide roads !

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