leaving Bells Corners

Mom’s Day in Bells Corners.

Biking over the Queensway you can be passed on the right and the left at the same time.

Road-widening gobbles the Greenbelt.

Leaving Bells Corners on the Trans Canada Trail.
The City-owned former railway bridge (built in the 1950s) is being renovated and will be repainted with glossy gray anti-graffiti paint.

Justin spotted in Bells Corners.
“A socially awkward teenager gets more than he bargained for when a French exchange student comes to live with him.”

Filming at the Bel-Air motel: workers get shafted.

Politicians at the mosque.

Parish Lane/Old Richmond Road.

Free money.

Nice return on your investment: Chiarelli’s shady election campaign financed by the development industry and the most affluent.

Dr. Wellar wants public access to public records but Watson likes the dome of secrecy.

Barry’s quest for transparency.

Ten councillors voted NO.

Bells Corners Public School.

Homemade cargo bike by Bob.

Chief under fire. Denley disses Watson. Call the cops!

Bells Corners Airbnb.

Kott Group has you covered at Lynwood Manor.

Bad news for  politicians caught cheating.

Daddy’s dead.

New Bells Corners thrift stores.

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1 Response to leaving Bells Corners

  1. Marylin Seveny says:

    Thank you. Love reading all the news, good or bad in B.C. Loved the old pics. I went to grade 8 at B.C. Public then Bell High the next year it opened. Keep up the good work.



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