making Bells Corners great again?

The three most powerful and secretive Bells Corners politicians.

They gathered in Priam Way Park because of the horrible stuff going down.

Campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime.

Donald Trump in Bells Corners.

Playing politics with crime.

Will Rick reveal who’s financing him BEFORE the election? Will he use his staff and his office budget inappropriately as usual? Somebody call Earl McRae or Joanne Chianello.

Community policing in action: Cst. Williams questions Joe from the tennis club.

Doping less dangerously.

Grand opening of the opioid clinic.

CBC showed up to cover the event.

CTV too!

Lisa and Joe came, but no sign of Jim, Rick or the police chief.

Time to put on our pants and clean up.

Emptying the McDonalds trash cans near Dragonfly Park.

A simple curb cut would make everyone’s life easier.

The fence is the problem.

At the Royal Bank of Canada, a Bells Corners gem.

FreshCo father.

Gary has left the building.
Saturday night on the strip.

No more Macs.
Life is grand in Bells Corners.

Healthy Transportation Coalition: We need better pedestrian, cycling and public transportation infrastructure, in all our neighbourhoods.

Communities that are home to vulnerable populations should have excellent access to healthy transportation options.

Complete streets that serve all modes of transportation and users, no matter their age or abilities, need to be built in our communities. We need bike paths and sidewalks leading to and from public transit stations, schools, parks, concert and sport venues, and areas of our cities that contain local businesses.

Improving the linkages between existing cycling, pedestrian, high-occupancy vehicle transportation networks should also be highly prioritized.

With a focus on community organizing, research, the need for effective policy and infrastructure, our members fund and co-create projects to build more livable communities.” Sign up for Saturday.

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3 Responses to making Bells Corners great again?

  1. Mark Kraft says:

    You want to make Bells Corners great again? Close the damn clinic or we’ll have to rename this area Bums Corners.

  2. Matthew says:

    New Bells Corners addiction treatment centre reports high demand: almost 100 registered patients after 6 weeks of operation.

  3. Mark Kraft says:

    The few nurses and doctors have no way to enforce the “near the clinic” part. So we are stuck with the riff-raff walking up and down the intersections begging for money to buy more of their crap.

    – This guy was panhandling outside the liquor store on Wellington West.

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