tax grab by the 1%

More tax breaks for the rich – sound good to you?
Tax subsidies for wealthy strip mall owners – that’s the essence of the Bells Corners “Community” Improvement Plan.
A better name would be the Business Profits Improvement Plan – it’s basically a scheme to shower our wealthy strip mall owners with “incentives” (subsidies, tax breaks, etc.) to make their properties more valuable.
Five properties, including Loblaws, have been identified as especially worthy of handouts from the taxpayer. It’s probably just a coincidence that they cut generous cheques to Chiarelli and Watson at election time.
In order to pretend that the community has been consulted residents have been asked to fill out the survey.
There’s only one question!
It doesn’t even make grammatical sense but who cares? Rick and Jim can pretend that the community has been consulted, just like they “consulted” us on Lloyd Francis Boulevard and other scams.
They can count on Rick-friendly fake Bells Corners “community” associations, grateful for the handouts from Rick’s $250,000-a-year slush fund, to support the scam.

Tree work in the Starbucks plaza – should the taxpayer help pay the cost?
I’ve given thousands of free rides on the Bells Corners bike-taxi – first time for someone armed with a chainsaw.
Tree gone – got the roots too.
The rooftop patio opens soon.
Classy “temporary” signs embellish the strip.
A newspaper worth reading if you’re not a fan of the Chinese dictators. Free at the old Viceroy Homes place on the Wetcliffe sidewalk to nowhere.
Two “new” businesses in the forlorn Northside plaza.
The same people who ran Prima Pizza decades ago?
A lot of different entrepreneurs have tried to turn a profit here.
SGA signs moved from the strip into the old Mac’s/Dinardo’s/Urban Terrace space to get less expensive rent.

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2 Responses to tax grab by the 1%

  1. Tristan says:

    Hey Craig, I think you should take down the photo of Jean-Luc’s family.

    – Sorry Tristan, it’s fair game to satirize self-serving dishonest politicians, be they “elected”

  2. Tristan says:

    And you won’t post my comments. You talk so much about transparency, but it seems to pertain to everyone except you.

    – Tristan, I do post your comments, but the rules here are clear. Personal attacks are only allowed on this blog when fact-based and there’s evidence of misuse of public money by those in a position of trust.

    So I truncated some of your comments. Big deal – don’t whine about censorship – your clique routinely censors and bullies me and many others.

    I apologize if the photo upsets you. Maybe I should have edited out your dress – maybe put you in short pants. But after how you bullied me on social media I think it’s a measured response.

    Call if you want to discuss this in person or on the phone. Or we can get that slice with Alex. Or wash our dirty linen in public.

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