Donald Trump in Bells Corners

The Donald is surprisingly popular in Bells Corners, especially in Westcliffe.
This resident seems to be a big Republican fan – he probably voted for Andy Wang.
Trump is especially popular with uneducated white males and Rick Chiarelli supporters.
Bill Quinn’s WECA buddy Terry Kilrea is also a big fan.
Homemade maple syrup in Lynwood Village.
Westcliffe rink, March 11
Westcliffe rink, March 27
LVCA fraud at the Lynwood rink.
Conflict of interest – transparency and accountability sadly lacking. Constitution ignored.
Remember Jeremy Wittet?
He campaigned with Rick for the Conservatives and lost to Anita Olsen Harper.
Wittet works for a different councillor now – Alex’s buddy Jody Mitic.
The politicians’ campaign to put a Conservative Scottish militaristic spin on the Bells Corners Brand is ramping up again.
Our brand should focus on the Greenbelt, not on using the military to promote shopping.
Best use of scarce funds? A true Scot would question the lavish spending.
The Bells Corners Greenbelt is being quietly gobbled to serve the developers and line pockets.
Auction items at the Salvation Army store.
The store will be closing.
The joys of having community mailboxes in front of your house. Say goodbye to “your” lawn.
The thrill of walking inches from speeding traffic to fetch your mail.
Dangerous stretch for cyclists and pedestrians.
Songbird residents not happy.
The Moodie Triangle
It’s a speedway.
Bike and walk at your own risk.

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10 Responses to Donald Trump in Bells Corners

  1. Tristan Maack says:

    Terry Kilrea is a joke. He painted himself as a working class populist when he was running against Bob Chiarelli for mayor. But after he dropped out of the mayoralty race (to run for councillor in Bay ward) he cozied up to the same Chiarelli in an effort to further his own ambitions. Even Randall Denley described him and his city council ambitions as “A turkey looking for somewhere to roost.”

    No way would I go to Alex Lewis’s BIA event. Alex only cares about Alex. Look at the Twitter feed for the BIA and it’s full of pictures of Alex. Isn’t he supposed to be promoting the businesses and not himself? This is a guy who is downright rude when asked to help with other community events, and unleashes his venomous anger on helpless community members if they dare utter a critical word. If he ever runs for the Conservatives in Bells Corners I will personally go door to door to every house with a printout of his Facebook and Twitter tirades.

    – It was a real shocker when Kilrea endorsed Liberal Bob Chiarelli over Conservative Larry O’Brien for mayor in 2006 – politics certainly makes for strange bedfellows!
    We shouldn’t have been surprised by Kilrea’s bombshells – there was a LOT of bad blood between the two alpha males because of the bribe, the Kilrea/O’Brien trial, the big-swinging-dick competition and all the other nasty political games.

    Kilrea was endorsed by Rick Chiarelli, Jan Harder and Doug Thompson, but Cullen won easily.

    Kilrea challenged Cullen again in 2010 but this time disgraced deputy mayor Mark Taylor emerged victorious.

  2. Jeff Wilson says:

    Oh Craig, I thought I told you before, Afghanada is not very good or realistic. The CBC had to write the scripts to appeal to Toronto socialites. As for the BIA, at least we have one in BC, I can’t even imagine how much sadder the strip would be if we did not. I don’t know Alex, but WECA has dealings directly with the councillor’s staff, no involvement with the BIA, as far as I know. We also deal directly with business owners for assistance/sponsorship.

    Tristan Maack, given the small size of BC, there may be benefit in Lynwood/WECA joint ventures occasionally when it makes sense to pool our efforts. I think things will be changing within in WECA in the near future.

    – I’m a big fan of Afghanada, both as entertainment and as insight into our war effort. I thought it took a balanced position on controversial issues and painted a very positive portrait of Canadian soldiers, both as individuals and as a fighting force.

    Scott Taylor advised on the technical side, so I assumed it was pretty realistic – I’d be interested in your thoughts on that. And on Hyena Road – have you seen it?

    Toronto socialites? Seriously? There are six seasons – have you listened to many episodes?

    “Afghanada gives us a grunts-eye perspective of the war in Afghanistan. 3 -1 Bravo is a Canadian Forces light infantry section fighting with NATO forces deep in the heart of the conflict. Every day, Sgt. Pat Kinsella (Jenny Young), Private Dean Donaldson (Paul Fauteux) and Private Lucas Manson (Billy Maclellan), confront the chaos and violence of life “outside the wire.”

    Based on actual events on the ground in Kandahar, each week’s episode takes the listener on an intense and compelling auditory journey, an unadorned reflection of the very real life and death situations Canadian soldiers face every day in Afghanistan.”

  3. ottawaowl says:

    Jeff, a BIA could be an asset to the community, but ours is run as a branch plant of the councillor’s office and only serves the political and financial interest of a small group of privileged insiders.

  4. Paul says:

    “Jeff, a BIA could be an asset to the community, but ours is run as a branch plant of the councillor’s office and only serves the political and financial interest of a small group of privileged insiders.”

    Spoken 100% truly, this BIA has been a farce since its inception in 2010-11. It’s a joke and a bad joke at that. It’s all about Alex, look at me, look at me, etc….

    – Don’t be too hard on Alex though. You could even argue that he has done a great job as executive director of the BIA for his bosses (the councillor and the handful of businesses that control the BIA board).

    All my criticisms of Alex are political, not personal. Alex is a skilled politician who learned the dirty tricks of the trade working for Rick Chiarelli. His Conservative partisanship is like Pierre-Poilievre-gone-wild. Don’t be surprised to see him run in the next provincial election if Lisa gets her way.

    I like Alex – he’s never lied to me, and I respect him for that. I sure don’t like his politics but apart from that he’s a good guy.

    Tristan, I thought you were being pretty harsh with Alex in your comments, unless you can elaborate on your criticisms a bit. I know he rebuffed you on the ketchup thing, but there must be more to it than that?

  5. Tristan Maack says:

    Yeah the thing you posted above is just one example of Alex’s arrogance. If you’re the head of a BIA, when someone makes a suggestion on social media, even if it’s the worst idea in the world, you politely thank the person and say “we will consider that”. What you shouldn’t do is ridicule the person and tear apart their idea. You’ve said on here a few times you think that Alex will run for the Conservatives provincially, but his past behavior makes me think that would be a really bad idea.

    In terms of the ketchup thing, I thought it was a pretty good idea, and he ridiculed me for it. It wouldn’t have been much work, just issue a press release. But go to the BIA website and check out the “press releases” page. It’s completely blank. I guess Alex doesn’t have time for that.

    If the ketchup thing was the only time this happened, you might let it go. You might think “oh maybe he had a bad day”. But Alex does this all the time. When he was running the BC Hoopla event, he was tweeting about it all day. Then in the evening when it rained, he didn’t tweet anything. So some poor lady walked all the way from Lynwood only to discover that the concert was cancelled. When she walked back home, she was rightly upset and she complained on Facebook. And Alex went berserk. Rather than politely apologize, or move past it, or whatever, he tore into the woman with an angry tirade. People were commenting that they couldn’t believe that the head of the BIA would respond in that way. If you’re going to be an elected official, a big part of the job is communications and he’s shown repeatedly that he’s incompetent in that area.

    He thought my idea was stupid, but apparently renaming Robertson Road as “Lloyd Francis Boulevard” was a fantastic idea. I wasn’t around for that, but from what I’ve heard, Alex was getting into shouting matches with people in public. Is that what you want from an elected official?

    I also know that when they were organizing the food truck rally, he was approached so that the businesses could get involved. And he wasn’t interested! The food truck rally was the first time that I can remember that you had hundreds of people coming to Bells Corners from other neighbourhoods and the guy who is supposed to be promoting Bells Corners businesses is nowhere to be found! Then when he was asked why the BIA wasn’t there, no surprise he got angry and said the food trucks were competing with BC restaurants!

    For a long time I was willing to give Alex a break and hope that his public relations skills might improve. I continued to help promote his events, but when I asked anything from him I got a rude reply in return. So I’ve basically given up. Hopefully whoever he is accountable to realizes they have a serious problem and does something about it. But I’m not holding my breath.

    I should make it clear I’ve stepped aside from the LVCA for the time being for family reasons. My views are only my own.

    – Maybe all three of us could sit down for a coffee and a friendly chat to crank all this down a notch? How about at Gabriel’s next to Alex’s office? We all have our different positions (and grievances!) but it could be good for all three of us to clear the air and look for win/win/win solutions. Maybe even share a laugh. It can be hard to separate the political from the personal but we should all make a better effort to do so – a bit of face time might be a good start.

  6. Alex Lewis says:

    Hi Guys,

    Tristan, it’s really quite regrettable that you feel this way, and I can assure you, you’re the not the first person to think I’m “arrogant” or confrontational. I may not agree with your opinions but as Craig will tell you, I will always defend your ability to espouse them. As for Craig’s comments saying we should get together for “a bit of face time,” mark it in the history books, I happen to agree with him! Craig and I just had a 45 minute long telephone conversation about our rocky relationship over the last 6 years, opinions, differences and our similarities. (As few as they may be) I enjoy my conversations with Craig, as frustrating as they can be at times, but through the course of history, we get our disagreements out on the table, bump gloves, and move on. Tristan, I can count on one hand the number of times you’ve contacted me personally.

    That said, it’s quite obvious you hold some resentment and anger because I’ve wronged you in some fashion, and that’s regrettable.

    Finally, as a matter of public record I do not now, nor in the future, plan on running for elected office but it’s wonderful to know you’d still go to doors mentioning my name. All of this said, I’m anxious to meet with both you and Craig for Pizza at Gabriel’s whenever your schedule permits it. Craig and I have agreed that given your busy schedule with twins, that you can just let us know when you’re available and we’ll clear our timetables accordingly. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    -Alex Lewis

  7. Tristan Maack says:


    Thank you for showing you are a decent guy at heart. I admit that I was upset, particularly at the way you ridiculed my ketchup suggestion, which I still believe has merit. I figured when you read my comment you would simply go ballistic, so thanks for surprising me. Perhaps I will name one of my two sons Alex, in your honour. There are two of them so it’s not that big of a deal. 🙂

    Yes, I would like to have pizza at Gabriel’s with both of you in the near future. Good luck with your event tonight.

  8. Tristan Maack says:

    One more thing: I just checked and I’ve emailed you 24 times. So you must have a lot of fingers!

  9. Carlos says:

    People who live in the valley are in a bubble — their grasp of reality is pretty delusional — Facebook doesn’t have that kind of influence.

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