Bells Corners Hoopla, part 6

Let’s call a spade a spade – not everyone holds the same opinions and this guy is a controversial figure in the Bells Corners community.
An image like this is sure to raise the blood pressure of many long-time Bells Corners residents, no? Even in my closest circle of family and friends there are widely divergent opinions on current events.
I think that most Bells Corners residents WELCOME more diversity in our community.
Others are not so sure.
For now I’ll just say that this guy TOTALLY impressed me at the recent Doors Open Ottawa event.
I’ll explain why tomorrow.
Meanwhile, up the hill in Westcliffe Park, LOTS was going down. I’m not the only one who LOVES Fun Days!
Runamok has been hired for the June 20 Fun Day in Lynwood Park. Romaniuk’s probably on Jean-Luc’s payroll too.
Runamok will provide a different bouncy castle for the LVCA event. No word yet on who’s paying for it – probably a politician, a real estate agent or a financial advisor, unless Casey or Mike landed some big chain sponsors.
The awesome Cat delivered a VERY impressive lesson on bike safety. Nicole of OK-Tire-Kanata and Ladies-Who-Lunch was on hand to do some savvy donating, networking and marketing.
A curious Rick tweet – not sure who that woman is, but it’s NOT Lisa M or Nicole N!
I was able to give pretty long rides – some kids went multiple times.
Sometimes it just makes common sense to ride slowly on the sidewalk while yielding to pedestrians. Guess what’s in the guy’s suitcase.
You can tell Cat is a pro – excellent lesson on the proper way to fit a helmet. Bike safety is not always well taught in the schools – it should be on the curriculum at all levels.
High school students scored some fun and easy community service hours by looking after the games and the grunt work.
A double-blind pizza-tasting contest heaped praise on Pizza Pizza in the Camerons/Lloyd-Francis plaza.
Gabriel’s scored very high marks too.
These ladies raved about Brew Table pizzas.
This woman likes Local Heroes pizza.
The Zola’s shrimp pizza was okay, but it was by far the most expensive of the 9 pizzas in the contest.

I’m NOT saying the contest was fixed, but many are suspicious that the ONLY restaurant owner on the BIA board won the BIA’s “Voted-BEST-Bells-Corners-Pizza” contest bragging/marketing rights.
Westcliffe garage sales lasted all weekend – great for building community spirit.
Tristan suckling at the fake Lisa/Alex/Poilievre Conservative cow: all the sordid details tomorrow.
Will Tristan or Jordan be the next Alex Wang?
Tune in tomorrow for a chance to vote for your favourite BCR trolls and bullies.
And LOTS more local news. From the Ottawa Citizen list of top choices for Open Doors:
Where: 3990 Old Richmond Rd. in Nepean
When: Saturday and Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Pre-registration required: No
This site at the continually growing mosque will be a student-pleaser with its free gifts for everyone and free tasty refreshments, as well as its poster exhibition, cultural display, and many more activities. The Jami Omar Mosque was established in 1992 and will be one of largest in Canada once finished. Enjoy interactive guided tours and a day full of interesting activities for the whole family, as well as free food for all the starving students and unemployed recent graduates.

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