the Corners they are a-changin’

The only school crossing guard in Bells Corners has seen a lot of changes on the strip in almost a decade of duty.

The heritage Tim Hortons, located in the heart of Bells Corners and probably the first one in Ottawa, has finally been put out of its misery, not with a bang but with a misspelled whimper.

The new double-double drive-thru location in “the Canadian tire parking lot” has been a popular place since it opened on Sunday. There wasn’t a ribbon-cutting ceremony, but the affable manager was on hand to dole out gift certificates. Rick himself drove-thru to pick up a few dozen boxes of Timmy’s best, no doubt paying for them with taxpayer funds.

Many cars were idling away, patiently waiting their turn to use the drive-thru when I visited, even though it wasn’t coffee rush hour. Tim Hortons is a moneymaking juggernaut, sucking up the coffee/fast food dollars and making it harder for the independent little guys. Only the newly renovated McDonalds has the marketing muscle to take on Big Tim.

It was packed inside too – some watched a poker game on the flatscreen t.v. while others caught up on their reading or warmed up at the state-of-the-art fireplace (which runs on a mix of coffee grinds, stale doughnuts and used cooking oil). As always I asked these innocent bystanders for permission to use their photo on the blog.

It’s not exactly a thing of beauty on the outside – I still can’t figure out why they planted the recently severed hydro pole there.

But inside it’s a comfy place – the cutting-edge LEED-certified HVAC system automatically adjusts the temperature according to the number of people in the room, humidity levels and a host of other factors. The cooking vents have sophisticated dampers, something you don’t find in your average fast food joint.

The washrooms are a huge improvement over the shabby water closets at the old Timmys – the Shawarma folks who are taking it over will probably update them before opening.

The Dairy Queen will be re-opening soon – the landlord has spent tens of thousands of dollars to repave the parking lot and the drive-thru. The new tenant is accepting resumes Mon.-Fri., 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Serving unhealthy corporate junk food for starvation wages is not everyone’s idea of the ideal job, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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3 Responses to the Corners they are a-changin’

  1. margaret says:

    nothing to do with change on the strip, but about trying to pay and get change

    has anyone had problems with the new $20s?
    I’d read about the ‘plastic’ being a problem in Vancouver’s transit system – not being accepted to pay for tickets – experienced it myself in Canada’s capital

    out of curiosity I tried paying for parking at the airport to see what would happen –
    the machine just would not accept the new $20

    I can understand a whole transit system taking time to get all its machines upgraded, but you would think that with the 4 or 5 pay machines at the airport they would be able to do that quite easily

    I was told … “we know – you can pay at the exit”

    I suggested they at least have some signage saying this
    after all – the bills have been out for a few weeks now

    I finally tried using a tatty, ripped $10 – no problem
    surprised it stay intact

    – I’m not sure how or why, but it’s surely Rick’s fault.

    • margaret says:

      LMAO… this glitch you can’t blame on Rick!
      the airport set-up has nothing to do with the city

      I’ve not tried it with city parking machines… yet

      – If it’s not Rick’s fault it’s probably just another Pierre Poivrière screw-up.

    • reidjr says:

      If it does not work at the airport I would contact your MP.

      – Don’t bother contacting Mr. Barfhaven. The plastic money fiasco is Rick’s fault.

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