houses for rent – cheap?

Lynwood Village house for rent on Ellery – maybe $2K a month?
Another home for rent on the same street – around $1800 a month?
A nearby house on Virgil – for rent or for sale cheap? Current Bells Corners prices.
Some Canada Post community boxes are in the WRONG place. This cluster is on Councillor Rick Chiarelli’s street.
No one seems to want them near their property. This one on Wareham is no exception.
All of Bells Corners will lose home delivery before the Oct. 19 election but other communities are fighting for a better plan.
This garage sale was three weeks ago – time to take down the signs.
East Side Mario’s was a busy place on Canada Day, one of the few restaurants open in Bells Corners.
MANY millions of dollars have been spent digging at the contaminated Vox site with no end in sight.
Liam goes to the dogs (and cats).
What’s wrong with this photo?
The bike-taxi is in the right place, but not the car.
The bus lanes are NOT supposed to be used by cars to butt the line.
A great day for a free ride.
Only the name has changed at the Bistrofiftyfour.
The tasty menu/tasteful decor remain the same at the new LunchBox Bistro.
Intriguing landscaping behind the Centennial Library.
City Hall claims that over 50% of all waste is diverted from the landfill.
It looks like less than half here.
On Garbage Day unofficial recyclers do a thorough job picking through the piles looking for treasure.
A powerful helicopter!

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One Response to houses for rent – cheap?

  1. I thought those numbers were low, but you’ve actually overstated the rent. The second house is $1495/month, not $1800. That is so much less than I’d expect given Bells Corners residential property values are too high and the commercial rents are ridiculously high. Residential rents though seem very cheap.

    – I just made a wild guess as to the rents – I wonder if the $1495/month includes utilities? I’ve heard enough horror stories that I know I don’t want to be a landlord but it would seem to be a good option for many BC residents.

    If I were a student at Algonquin or a high tech worker or whoever I would definitely consider Bells Corners as a good place to rent.

    I chatted a bit with a worker (also a Barrhaven landlord) at the first house and he told me that it was unfurnished and extensively renovated, but he didn’t want to hazard a guess on the rent. I have no information on the second house, but it looks nice from the outside- thanks for supplying the data.

    Are Bells Corners property values/commercial rents are too high? Residential rents are too low? Makes sense to me.

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