fear and loathing in Bells Corners

Many residents are fearful as bullets fly in Westcliffe.

Carrie Chen and Leiling Zheng work in the area and take walks along Seyton Drive during lunch breaks. Zheng said they’re considering changing their route after the shooting.
“Ottawa’s supposed to be a very safe place,” Zheng said. “It’s just unbelievable, it’s very scary.”

Bells Corners politicians up for reelection this year have been quick to cash in on the fear.

Rick Chiarelli and Lisa MacLeod are calling for an increase in taxes to fund more police patrols, but Police Chief Charles Bordeleau pooh-poohs the idea.

Another Bells Corners crime meeting is planned by the politicians as Rick, Lisa and Kurt Stoodley elbow out their competitors.

Neighbourhood Watch will be plugged as the magic bullet.

According to the chief, the shooters are typically young males 18-25 years old and he points to the need for “access to jobs, education and opportunities.”

Many of the alleged gang members charged in Project Sabotage are older than what the chief suggests:
Mishaal AlShammiry, 29, of Gatineau
Fahim Sayeed, 22, of Ottawa
Anthony Prest-Guido, 23, of Ottawa
Nick Menard*, 25, of Ottawa
Ozair Rehman*, 26, of Ottawa
Akada Bruce, 40, of Ottawa
Abdulazziz Al-Enzi, 30, of Ottawa
Adel Al-Enzi*, 24, of Ottawa
Nima Saberi, 28, of Ottawa
Tarentino Dacosta, 24, of Ottawa
Dominik Montigiraud, 25, of Ottawa
Denis Carriere, 42, of Gatineau
Miles Kempffer-Hossack, 20, of Ottawa
Osman Kasser, 28, of Ottawa
*Wanted on arrest warrant

The rank-and-file have their own opinions but they aren’t allowed to share them.

Bells Corners community police officer.

The  Tybalt/Tarquin naked guy charged with murder is subjected to Facebook gossiping by his neighbours.

More Facebook bullying as a few fearful residents react foolishly to the spike in violence:

Goat: “At this point sides are taken and Facebook court is in session. The crowd, not getting the egregious commenter to back down, start howling at Tristan or Erin to delete the post. The post is deleted and the bad person is banned.”

Shoultz gives in but her public apology doesn’t satisfy the pack and she is banned. Eventually the evidence is erased/censored after it’s been left up long enough for some public shaming and gloating.

Goat: “I have no problem with someone being taken to task for their comments. If you don’t possess the skills or the fortitude to defend your statements then don’t make them. I do take exception to any form of censorship, particularly as it often plays out on Tristan’s group.”

Witch hunt?

I wonder what Patton thinks?

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3 Responses to fear and loathing in Bells Corners

  1. TonyL1 says:

    A lot of the failings at the Bells Corners Facebook group – it’s gotten too big, too confrontational and it’s full of a lot of anger

    I have not seen BCR since August 2017, ever since I tried to warn the public in Bells Corners about unreadable license plates on cars. I wrote my last message there and quit- I tried to make an informative post about the lousy license plates and was heavily attacked

    I left because it was outdated and repetitive- the group can go back to looking at pics of lost cats, bad drivers, and crappy ads

    I haven’t seen the group since, and if I had enough health, I would create my own unbarred, unregulated and uncensored group

    BCR has run its course and suspect others will leave it also… also Facebook itself and Mark Zuckenberg are now the ultimate bullies, what the hell is he doing, banning everyone

    I just recently got banned and lost my few months of my old FB profile, for being a troll, when really all I was doing was attacking a Sketch MLM product aimed at health

    the group’s owner reported me, 40 min. later poof, profile all gone- “Account Disabled, Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.” (it has now been deleted by them for good, I didn’t bother trying to fight it as FB literally has zero support for help)

    as for BCR, maybe it’s time to cease and desist, and allow people to go back to enjoying BC with their own eyes and experiences

  2. Trish says:

    ********* is the ultimate Facebook Gossip TROLL.

  3. TonyL1 says:

    The way people interact on Facebook! Even in groups I was recently in like “TV shows of the 60s,70s and 80s” there was lots of friction and unrelated posts, or people who are now only using memes and animated gifs to reply.

    On the “for sale groups” it’s a trainwreck, with users constantly attacking posts, like offering 2 bucks for a LED TV and making fun of some items.

    as for my immediate problem, when trying to create a new profile to replace my “forced removed one”- the FB system is now so advanced it actually used photo recognition, and denied the profile even using a new email. I have another profile, but it’s locked tight, as I don’t have a smartphone to receive the SMS or TXT code for the security check lol…. I only have a landline…

    back to Bells Corners, again, I’m sorry about all the incidents lately, and hope more peaceful times come.

    maybe Facebook’s time has come and gone into the Bells Corners sunset. meanwhile I’ll be (like I already mentioned) enjoying BC and all the great things it has to offer, the same way I did in 1995- by myself! without the constant need to upload pics to a feed on a site that is slowly going to lose and ban many members.

    Reddit is proving to be a cool option to read all things Ottawa. few pics, just text. good reading… Sincerely Tony!~!

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