naked killer, Lisa MacLeod dumped, Chandra in trouble?

Naked killer sued for $1,900,000.

Chilling at the Bells Corners Dairy Queen.

Big battle shaping up in Nepean riding.

Will Chandra Arya get reelected?

Lisa and Joe demoted.

Will Joe and Lisa’s FreshCo buddy run for Doug Ford?

Hugging on car-free Preston Street.

Ice cream Gelato!

More cheerful random people smiling.

Christ Church cashes in with 35 apartment units on Old Richmond Road.

Churches, temples, mosques and synagogues don’t pay property taxes.

Bible thumpers out to save souls?

Duelling thrift stores on the Bells Corners strip.

Restaurant critic goes gaga for this new place in the Westcliffe plaza.

Drive-thru crime.

Some Bells Corners benches are safer than others.

Another unsafe bench.

This mobile bench is pretty safe: nine years of free rides.

Trucks routinely ignore signs like this when cutting through Arbeatha/Lynwood Village.

Dr. Barry Wellar blasts Rick for his laziness and inaction on safe streets.

Britannia Beach open for bathers.

Entrance Pool is open too!

Patio revellers at the Best Western.

Stillwater Creek and other Chartwell retirement residences picketed.

Bosses blasted.

A free ride on Bells Corners bike-taxi after a slice of Pizza Pizza.

Competition for Star Fries, T&T’s and Binh-go’s.

Musical chairs cars.

Facebook groups are full of fake news, shilling, hypocrisy and sly censorship.

Cedar hedge out of control?

Call the hedge barber.

Watering the new trees in Lynwood Park.

Bad news if you’re not rich: Bells Corners home prices soaring.

Leaving Bells Corners on a bike? Stress-free routes here.

Pothole crew.


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