Elvis in Bells Corners

Elvis lives!

Students have spotted him at Bell H.S.

These ladies saw him shopping at Tootsie’s.

Franco-Ouest students on the Tybalt-Tarquin route to the Bells Corners strip.

Hamming it up at the sketchy pathway entrance.

Another failure for Rick Chiarelli and Bill Quinn.

Not a place you want to walk alone at night.

Grade 9-12 Bell H.S. students can head to the strip via bike-taxi on their hour-long breaks.
Grade 7/8 students get a daily recess break. Less school choice as their former intermediate schools have closed.

The public school board hasn’t decided what to do with D.A. Moodie.

The RCMP took a look but the former 6-8 school will probably be reborn as a K-12 Muslim school.

Misleading standardized test results.

Crazy weather in Bells Corners.

High winds blew down “temporary” signs and some of the military banners put up by Lisa and Joe.

Damage on Longwood. A new tree will be constructed from scratch.

Tarquin mess.

Ottawa Hydro guys helped with the cleanup.

These people on Elmsley are lucky: not too much damage from the City’s treated ash tree.

Après la pluie le beau temps.

Imaginative book display at the Bells Corners library.

The joy of being a pedestrian on the Bells Corners strip.

Need a minimum-wage job selling food porn?

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