social media tra$h talk can backfire

Click & Collect coming soon to the Bells Corners Loblaws.

Friendly managers at Loblaws seem to do a good job of keeping customers, shareholders and employees colleagues happy, no easy task.

Lynwood Village, early 1960s. No homes west of Richmond Road.

Edstan homes (bottom left) added in 1966.

Bells Corners East.

Nepean subdivision developments.

Bells Corners voted Liberal in the last election. Next vote in June.

Community policing and carding street checks: mayor, rank and file disagree.

De-policing in Bells Corners. To swerve and neglect? Handicapped police fighting crime?

Faith-based school board siphoning students from public schools to get funding.

Merging school boards would result in $600M to $1B in tax savings.

High school test results.

Watson criticized for lack of transparency and integrity.
Feel strongly about re-electing Rick this October? $1,200 buys you membership in Team Chiarelli. Pocket change for the big boys.

Pandering to racism/fear for votes.

Was Lisa MacLeod’s Trump-supporting hubby at the queer strange anti-Muslim protest?

An idyllic picture of life in Bells Corners. Another view.

Construction starts soon on the Greenbelt-gobbling road expansion for Kanata and Stittsville motorists. The cost of the developer-friendly commuter route has secretly ballooned by $4M to $38.7M.

Litter on the strip.

Student litter in Hillside Park.

Access to Westcliffe Park from Hammill Court.

Rent geared to income at Nepean Housing Corporation.
Four dangerous spots for pedestrians in the Healthy Transportation Coalition’s safety audit. A pedestrian death occurred weeks later close to one of the identified locations.

Sidewalks on Seyton Drive don’t have curbs to protect pedestrians.

Icy Old Richmond Road sidewalk.

Lee Ga fresh sushi.

Northside Road pizza.

Vote for your favourite politician.

Schools and daycares fail lead tests.

Social media freak show.
Social media shilling for local businesses and politicians is a bit dishonest but legal. But tra$h talk can backfire big time.

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